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A gender neutral and more more negative alternative for the derogatory "DoucheBag."

Technically, a "LegBag" is a plastic bag strapped to one's lower leg, with a tube that runs up to a medical device called a catheter, which inserts through the urethra into the bladder, to drain the urine. The Leg Bag collects the urine. A small spigot or valve on the bottom of the bag allows it to be drained.

By contrast, an actual Douche Bag holds the clean fluid to be sent via tube to a nozzle which a woman may use for personal hygiene of her genitals. Thus, by extension we could say that a LegBag is much lower on the creep totem pole, beyond douche, possibly even surpassing asshole in some cases.

However, as the LegBag is a somewhat passive device collecting urine, LegBag can be directed toward those that are the lackey or sycophant of a total asshole. For instance, you could say that Rudy Giuliani is Donald Trump's LegBag.
Direct: "Harvey is such a LegBag, he told my sister he'd cast her in a film if she had sex with him, but he never did."

Possessive: "Rush Limbaugh is the alt-right's LegBag"

Literal: "Donald Trump is such a LegBag — even Russian escorts drain their piss on him."
by Andy Somers February 2, 2020
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Recsub is short for "Recreational Substance", that is, the class of drugs that people like to use for recreational purposes.
Marijuana, Alcohol, and Ecstasy are all recsubs.

Used in a sentence: "The government's war on recsub use has failed like all prohibitions have".
by Andy Somers June 27, 2005
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Similar to a redneck in ignorance and racism, but in command of substantial wealth and power. Most especially those in actual power in government or enforcement positions.

As used in a sentence:
"Trump and his cronies are a tree full of nazinecks"
by Andy Somers February 21, 2020
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1) A deliberate misspelling of "historical" and "hysterical" to create a portmanteau, which means literally "very funny history" or "funny today, though it was serious at the time."

2) An extension of this meaning is to derisively imply that something today is garbage, of little importance, or no value — but might have "histerical value" in the future.
1) "The TV Show Dragnet is a histerical example of 1960s attitudes."

2) "I am keeping these videos of Trump speaking for their histerical value."
by Andy Somers February 11, 2020
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Similar to "dummy text", "text filler" or "greeking". Gack is anything used in a design as a temporary place holder before being replaced by an actual design element. For instance, filling columns of text with "Lorem ipsum dolor...", or using a textured box where an image or other design element might go in a layout.

Gack can also mean something in an image or design which serves a technical purpose that is intended to be removed in the final product, such as tracking dots on a plain wall being filmed, or a wire harness on an actor that needs to be painted out.
"We need the actual text so we can replace the gack in the layout before sending it to print."

"The VFX Artist will have to paint out all this gack that is in the shot before it can be used".
by Andy Somers December 15, 2018
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BrainStereo: (noun) the part of your brain that blasts some certain piece of music at you, over and over again, like a recording on repeat or loop mode, and often actively distracting at the worst possible moments.

Often results in the afflicted commenting about a "song stuck in their head".

The music itself is often referred to as an "earworm".
I can't sleep because my brainStereo keeps blasting that song from Carmen over and over...
by Andy Somers April 27, 2022
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Portmanteau of faux and fart. It relates to the unfortunate action when one thinks they need or are about to pass gas, but instead release pure liquid diarrhea when they relax their sphincter muscle, due to the very similar sensation prior to opening the sphincter. It is related to but usually more embarrassing than a shart.
Um... Excuse me for a moment, I need to take a shower and get some clean undies, I had a fauxrt and it left more than a shart...
by Andy Somers July 7, 2020
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