A transgender acronym for Assigned-Female-At-Birth.
I am a transman but an AFAB.
by Anonymous1665 January 14, 2011
A female assigned at birth.
What's another word for FTM?
by anime otaku 200 May 11, 2021
An inclusionary abbreviated term for all gender identities standing for: “Assigned Female at Birth”.

Plural: AFABs
“It’s not only women facing the backlash of overturning Roe v. Wade. It’s all AFABs who have a uterus.”
by impjsh June 24, 2022
Anti Fart Air Barrier (AFAB)–

A large bladed office fan placed between colleagues to prevent ass smells from raping the nostrils of the unsuspecting neighbour.
Although this protects the person immediately next to the farter, it accelerates the gaseous poo particles towards the rest of the office which brings bizarre pleasure to both farter and neighbour who was saved by AFAB.

Samuel: <Smiles but remains silent>

Gaz: <Switches fan on, pulling top over nose> AFAB Time, you dirty git!

Rest of office: FFFFUCKKKK!!!! <cough cough> - //everyone turns into Fart Ninja’s//
by Sir Randy Fernandez November 22, 2010
"I'd be able to find my keys if I wasn't all AFAB"

"Maaaan, johhny was AFAB last night"

"You disloyal, fool ass bitch made punk"
by thechanginghour May 12, 2011
AFAB! Destroy hierarchies! Get rid from any oppression! Smash patriarchy!
by Sir. B February 22, 2022
All Females are Bastards/Bitches, the ideology commonly spread on the manosfear circles
Manosfears: AFAB!
Turd-wave Feminists/Feminazi: Kill all man!
Normal people: Man and womxn can go hand in hand instead of arguing without any purpose
by Sir. B January 3, 2022