The sexiest Transformer to ever exist and nobody can say otherwise. Crew of the Lost Light and the best Autobot on board.
Hot Rod: wow Whirl you’re so fucking cool.
Whirl: byeah
by WhirlyLad January 10, 2020
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An unattractive, overweight female.

Whale + Girl = Whirl.
Oh, my God! It's Godzilla! Nah, chill. It's just a Whirl.
by xAokigahara February 15, 2011
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Whirled is a web-based social network combined with a virtual world, in which you, the player, can contribute and sell new avatars, room backdrops, music, pets and games.

Each player has a room of their own to decorate and hang out chatting with friends. You can build out additional rooms. Most web content can be embedded in your room, including video and music.

Groups allow collaboration with other players around shared interests, with shared group rooms, and built-in Discussion forums.

Any player can easily upload and begin playing with avatars, furniture, games, music and more.

Creators can post their offerings to the Shop where they are rated, tagged, and offered for sale to the global Whirled audience.

Whirled is run by Three Rings (nicknamed OOO by users). The 'Captain' is Daniel James, nicknamed Cleaver. Everybody loves Cleaver.

Online dating is very popular in Whirled and accepted by most. This is one of the many reasons that Whirled is home to much Internet drama. The biggest online daters on the site are called 'statics,' girls (or old men) and boys usually about 11 wearing avatars made at The Doll Palace that change boyfriends/girlfriends every week or so, and seem to cyber like crazy.
Whirled is great, I've made a lot of friends.

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Word created by a girl named Neydi. Word is a mix of curls and wavy. Usually used to describe hair. We basically made up this shit to mess around but she makes me happy so yah.
Neydi: Nice whirls u got
Hot af kid: Thanks kiddo
by ThiccBoiii_ November 4, 2018
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A mispronunciation of the word world...used by talent less songwriters and wannabe artists to rhyme with Girl.
Please don't go girl
You would ruin my whole whirl....
by ParanoidT May 12, 2005
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1.when/to cause something spins round

2.A mispronunciation to the word world,that happens to be used by some songwriters to make it rhyme with the word girl.Not necessarily trashy artists have used it.
1.She saw a mass of bodies whirling round on the dance floor

2.whirl does rhyme with girl
by cactushug April 2, 2008
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A severely idiotic, toxic person who is hated by almost everyone that knows them due to their assholishness and immaturity. They are also incapable of fixing themselves and will make up excuses like "I'm disabled" or "I'm only age", so don't even bother trying to talk sense into them. Whirls are not to be trusted, as they could leak secrets you trusted them to keep or raid your Discord server out of sheer boredom.
Person: Grow the fuck up.
Person: Ok then, have fun being a whirl.
by Beanclad October 17, 2018
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