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What is a wafer, you ask? A wafer is a thin, crisp cake, biscuit, or candy. It sort of feels like a thin piece of styrofoam.

There are many types of wafers. There are crisp, flavored, possibly chocolate frosted wafers, then there are assorted candy wafers. And who could forget Nilla Wafers?

But when you really get down to it, what is a WAFER?
When you actually sit and think about it, you may begin to feel that a wafer is not actually real. It basically is flavorless nothing. I mean, think about it, WHAT IS A WAFER? By simply writing this definition, and thinking about it, i'm beginning to lose all rational thought, and the incomprehendible idea of the actual existence of a wafer, is slipping away.

A wafer, my friends, is nothing...
Me: How much for this package of assorted wafers?
Nick: *chuckles*
Cashier: Those wafers are 80 cents.
Nick: *chuckles*
Me: Thank you. I would like to purchase these candy wafers.
Nick: *raucous belly laughter*
Cashier: E shnaba, kaybillus von shnoigin tway.

Richard: I have sucked all the cheese of this dorito, and it is now just a wafer.
by Jacob-dudebutt! June 21, 2006
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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a very skinny person
Dude! Look at that wafer, she must weigh like 2 pounds.
by Tess C November 10, 2005
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The Wafer, a depressed creation of the internet created through a multitude of Joji songs, break ups, a never ending sadness, and dislike to themselves. In most cases, a Wafer is like a parasitic leech that will latch onto sad songs and listen to them day in and day out, until the sadness of that song has become their own. There is only one thing that will bring a smile to a Wafer, and that's the artist known as Joji, as often times a Wafer will disguise themselves by using a Joji profile picture, but do not be fooled- A Joji profile pic is a sure tell sign that the person behind that profile is a Wafer. Most days, a Wafer will loathe around with no purpose in life other than to catfish desperate E-people for a sad entertainment, as a Wafer has no emotional value.
"You're such a Wafer! Do you always listen to sad songs and loathe around with no purpose in life!" - Tom

"I just want to curl into a ball and eat ice cream while I catfish people whilst having no purpose in life. Leave me be, life is too hard," - A Wafer
by MnM-Skittles February 10, 2019
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another way to call someone a fagbag. a wafer refers to someone who is: gay, slutty, faggoty, or just a plain loser
yo man your sutch a wafer.
by THT KID June 05, 2010
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a skinny ass kid who wears girl jeans and tries to impress girls with magic tricks.Obsessed with his tattoos, and convincing people that he's not gay.ANNOYING. He usually is seen in local"scene" hang outs and thinks he's god's gift to earth.
He's usually goofy looking, so much that you might confuse him to be cute...BUT HE'S NOT...he's probably an ass, and lacks in manhoodpencil dick much?!?.=
What a wafer, he tried to pick up like 5 differnt girls tonight, too bad he doesn't have a penis...BHAHA!
by StarXC February 08, 2007
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The most effeminate of males. One with LOADS and LOADS of PRODUCT in his hair. Squeezes his little shake-weight muscles into extra-small V-neck t-shirts. Can be found bedazzling his wannabe designer jeans on the weekends.
It took Mike over 2 hours to get ready last night. I heard he buys his clothes at Baby Gap. He's such a Wafer.
by Paroosh October 25, 2011
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