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A piece of crap email and data base client server. It has millions of user throughout the world, however you won't find anybody who considers it easy to use.

Interfaces are difficult to navigate and the programme often crashes or stays hanging, requiring the user to restart the application or completely reboot the computer. It is characterised by ugly colour schemes and unecessarily tedious command requirements to carry out simple tasks. Want to see an email attachment with just 2 mouse clicks? Forget it. The use of Lotus Notes is scientifically linked to rage disorders.

As one website puts it, it is "the digital equivalent of being kicked in the groin upon arrival at work every day"
Welcome to your new job Sir, here we use Lotus Notes...Sir, why are you running away? Sir...Sir!!!
by Jim Birtwisle February 20, 2008

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An alcoholic beverage, usually a tin of lager that is taken for consumption on public transport en route to the pub/bar/club
John, taking any travellers for the train?
by Jim Birtwisle January 12, 2008

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A chain of pubs throughouth Britain that act as a magnet for chavs and minors. Invariably centre stage for all fighting due to the lack of entertainment allowing low priced alcohol and thus large concentrations of both men and women that enjoy violence.
Dude, Where's Mickey?

Oh he fancied a fight so he went up to the Wetherspoons
by Jim Birtwisle January 15, 2008

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To drive a vehicle fitted with large (and usually ridiculous looking) alloy wheels. Rock stars and footballers proudly roll on some of the biggest dubs that often have spinning centres that automatically make them look like retards.
Matt, I saw Joe Cole in his car yesterday.

Was he rolling on dubs?

Yeah, he looked like a total knob.
by Jim Birtwisle January 15, 2008

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To presume that an actor or actress will assume a character akin to that for which they have previously become famous. A good example is Matt Le Blanc. Having become so famous for his laid back, butt of all jokes character Joey in the tired US comedy Friends, it becomes hard to take him seriously in any other type of role.
Mike: Shall we rent 'Lost in Space'?

James: (hysterical laughter) Look, it's Joey on the cover trying to look hard!

Mike: Yeah, I guess he has been type cast
by Jim Birtwisle January 17, 2008

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The act of using Facebook to recall a previous night's intoxicated events using photos added by others.
I don't remember going to that bar at all. I only have a facebook memory thanks to Adams photos.
by Jim Birtwisle November 19, 2007

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Tupperware plated rugby
Nathan: Did you watch the American football last night?

Lawrence: Is that the sport where men of questionable sexuality covered in plastic jump on top of each other.

Nathan: Yeah, apparently they throw a 'ball' around as some sort of cover for the whole thing.
by Jim Birtwisle February 05, 2008

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