Someone who thinks not taking showers is part of japanese culture
Even your waifu calls you a weeaboo
by Syzztem July 8, 2019

A weeaboo is a person who is normally obsessed with the Anime / Manga / Japanese culture.
Basically an extreme version of an Otaku.
Nearly all weeaboos are looked down upon, even if they shouldn't.
Some can be overly obsessed and annoying. (Ones that talk about anime all the time.)
Others can be kind and not so annoying, but still obsessed with Japanese things.

Some people associate them with homosexuals/gays/faggots, but most aren't homosexual.
Weeaboos commonly try as hard as they can to be like a Japanese person.
IE: Speak Japanese, Do Japanese Things, Eat Japanese Food, etc.
Weeaboo: *practicing and failing Japanese* UGH I CAN'T GET THIS WORD RIGHT *raging in Japanese* I'll just go listen to some anime music. *says curse word in Japanese*
by iiToxicMinded October 20, 2015
One, stereotypically American, who obsesses over the Japanese culture. This is usually thanks to the recent trend of dubbing/translating anime/manga and bringing it to the new culture.

Typically, a Weeaboo will abuse the word "kawaii" to ridiculous levels, and other Japanese words will be completely mangled. Another trend is to obsess over every possible nook and cranny of a given manga, usually one translated by Monthly Shonen Jump, yet will, again, use "oro?" when told of another series, with this new series having much more redeeming values in the way of art, writing, characters, etc. Try it- ask any Narutard what Neon Genesis Evangelion is.

This is not to be confused with someone who can tell you who Akechi Mitsuhide is or one who simply appreciates and enjoys popular Japanese (the line is slightly blurred with Otaku, though they're not quite the same). In a nutshell, these are shortsighted, obsessive "noobs," key phrase Over the Top.

Compare and contrast people who do nothing but say "FAIL" all day.
Want to talk to a Weeaboo? Walk into any middle school and ask "Who likes Naruto?"
by Shenlong45177 November 16, 2010
A Weeaboo is someone who thinks they're japanese and pretend to speak it and end up look like retarded monkeys. they also have colored hair and hentai backpacks and shirts
Look at this weeabo with his gay hentai backpack and shirt. Weeaboo Cunt!
by Definition NIBBAS October 26, 2018
A person who thinks Japan is some kind of god and praises the country, they think that Japan is superior and will often times call themselves Japanese. These people are usually hardcore anime fans, who develop their obsession and try to speak Japanese and will typically through in Japanese words in a conversation. To add to being a total ass hat they use honourifics on their own names and don't know a thing about Japan.
Jenny is such a weeaboo she keeps saying she's Japanese not American.
by Genericsarcasticteen August 6, 2016
A tag that only desperate people who have no real life skills try to obtain. Not only is it used by the other common means, most types of 'Weeaboo' are really only in it for the title. Egotistical and pathological, these people obsess over any little thing they can, not just Anime or Japanese Culture. They will go out of their way just to be the 'best' at something, as they cannot do anything close to that in real life. Weeaboos throw others like them under the bus, and they fight themselves over the quality of content they watch. If you have two people who argue that one show is better than another, they are most likely a Weeaboo. Another thing I've come to realize in years of research, is that not only do they fight other Weeaboos, but they fantasize about being at the top. The ultra-weeb if you will. They will use anything, including their own friends, to do just that. They seek acceptance and have a hard-on for anything they can preach as good content.

In whole though, be very careful who you choose to be friends with. If anyone goes ":3", "o3o", "oWo", or "-w-" or overglorifies anything they watch, say and do, they are most likely suffering from a mental illness and should really consider getting help.
I am just such a Weeaboo, just Look at my collection of Japanese Figures I had imported here! I have all 3 seasons in their entirety both in the manga and on Bluray.
by noimpinhead March 25, 2017