Monthly magazine containing 300 pages of manga each.
I just read Naruto in Shonen Jump!
by Jason da H January 9, 2004
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A kick-ass magazine that features bunches of anime, from Naruto to Hakura-No-Go

A great way to get quite a bit of anime for one low price
A single volume of multiple anime/manga in one magazine called shonen-jump
by Anthony Drumm June 16, 2008
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A magizine that contains various series of manga which are complete CRAP!
I only buy Shonen Jump for the naruto, one piece and the free yugioh cards. WHOOOOOOO!!
by O Rlyius July 31, 2006
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a magizine that has a couple o crappy comics (yu-gi-oh,dragon ball z) but is still awsome
manga freak1: hey did u get the new issue of shonen jump? manga freak2: i sure did! did u read the "one piece" that guy don krieg is pretty cool
by rap and rock March 7, 2005
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A comic book company from japan which WAS real good. Until One Piece was released.

After that, they started releasing Mainstream crap like Naruto (series who pretend to talk about ninjas, but actually talk about scouts), Bleach (an average samurai shodown ripoff), and the overrated Death note.
The best shonen jump series was Yuyu Hakusho.

Naruto and Bleach are the worst ones.
by Chris Falcon January 14, 2008
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