A non Japanese person who denounces their own culture and calls themselves Japanese. They try to learn Japanese through the anime they watch and usually end up pronouncing it wrong and looking like a complete idiot.

KEEP IN MIND:that a non Japanese person can like the culture,speak the language,watch anime,speak the language,and RESPECT THE CULTURE,while still keeping in touch with their own. Which keeps them from being a Weeaboo,japonphile,etc.

Weeaboos basically disrespect the culture and make complete asses of themselves
That dude at the comic book store is such a weeaboo
by Knowledge Master March 29, 2017
A non-japanese person who likes Japan a little... Too much.

Weeaboos will often use broken Japanese (e.g. "Wow! That dog is so kawaii, mukyuu~"), cover the walls in their room with posters of anime girls in bikinis, and worst of all, they will dislike any race or ethnicity that isn't Japanese, even their own.

Weeaboos are very offensive to the Japanese because they put a very unhealthy stereotype on the Japanese. That is why every weeaboo in the world must be exterminated.
Person 1: Oh my gah! That neko is so kawaii~! Fuwa fuwa neko chan~
Person 2: Huh?
Person 1: So kawaii, right? Neko-neko-chan~~!
Person 2: Oh, yeah... Very, uh, "kawaii"... (What a weeaboo!)
by Ross the Chihuahua April 18, 2020
A weeaboo is a person who watches too much anime, anime consumes their life untill the point where the person starts to think that they are Japanese from watching anime, during these stages the person will start collecting figures of anime girls in sexualized poses these anime girls are more than likely under aged 14 year olds, then the person will start reading something known as manga which is basically a comic book in Japan, the person then gets a body pillow of their favorite 14 year old anime girl and they usually sleep with it in very sexual ways which turns them into borderline pedophiles, once the person has begun to think they are Japanese they start trying to learn Japanese through the shows they watch, they also believe that every Japanese person speaks in a dramatic voice whenever they talk, for more information please go watch tvfilthyfrank's video titled "weeaboos"
Me "dude did you hear about jake!?"
Friend "no what happened !?"

Me "he has a body pillow of an anime chick I think he's a weeaboo!"
by Ultraman Nexus August 11, 2017
A weeaboo is a non-Japanese person who acts as if they are Japanese. This phrase is commonly missused with a person who enjoys and is interested in the culture, but still knows their place and their personal culture.
Weeaboos: "Weeaboos have infested the internet."
Non-Weeaboos: "She likes anime and stuff, but she's not a Weeaboo."
by bumbumbuuum December 3, 2016
Someone obsessed with anime to a point where it begins to be insulting.

Someone who speaks in japanese/replaces their name with something "japanese", usually just some word they make up that sounds Asian to them.

See wapanese
Omfg, he's such a weeaboo. He won't get his hand away from dick long enough to realize that his anime isn't real and he's not actually Japanese.
by Undeadfaggot November 27, 2016
Weeaboo's basically disrespect the culture and make complete asses of themselves. See Logan Paul.
Logan Paul threw poke balls and dead fish at Japanese people to make himself out to be a weeaboo.
by Wordwizz November 2, 2018