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An evil villaiin in persona 5 who betrays you
"You know that dude akechi? yeah, i hate him"
by someone you use to knoiw May 09, 2018
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Active, lively, mischievous. Cares about and looks out for others, even if in a bit of a snarky way. Articulate and intelligent, always knows how to formulate an argument. Rarely without a word to say, and most of his words are kind towards others.
"Have you heard? We have an Akechi in town!"
by pagesandpointeshoes May 03, 2018
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The Charismatic Detective of Persona 5, he investigates the mental shutdown cases as well as chases after the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Akechi is a pleasant young boy, who has gone through a lot - such as his father leaving his mother after finding out she was pregnant, leading to her suicide. He was moved from foster home to foster home, gaining a wide understanding of the cruel world around him. He also has a love for Pancakes and enjoys drinking coffee at a café known as Leblanc.
Akechi is bae
by Phantomhive Girl May 04, 2018
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