Someone who thinks Japan is superior over EVERYTHING. Not in reference to someone who likes to watch some anime, reads some manga, eats some teriyaki once or twice a month, etc. The main difference is that a Weeaboo doesn't care about the culture, where a non-weeaboo (I don't know the term, and I don't want to use otaku which is, in fact, a derogatory term) does. A weeaboo speaks Wapanese (i.e. Kawaii neko!! Can I hug your neko-chan?). However they are not to be confused with someone who is still learning Japanese. A weeaboo will obsess over no more that ten anime/manga and then claim to know EVERYTHING there is to know about Japan. They base the majority of their knowledge, if not all of it, of Japan on really bad anime. Not decent ones like Pretear or Suzumiya Haruhi. Shit ones like DBZ.
(In a Japanese clothing store)
Weeaboo: OMGOMGOMG!!!! This is exactly like the yukata Konakona wore in Lucky Star!!! Kawaiiiiiiiiii~!

Ordinary person who appreciates Japan: Hmm, I like this outfit. How much is it?
by Katrine Blackheart May 27, 2009
a non-japanese person obsessed with japanese comics/cartoons called anime/manga
here are examples:

1.they commomly only care about anime/manga like for example if a different country invented anime/manga they would be worshiping that country.

2.they use the following japanese words:
(also commonly said wrong and mocking)
-desu (doesnt really have a exactranslation but used as is or mine at end of a sentence)
-kawaii (means cute)
-baka(stupid) extreme cases a slight insult of anime/manga causes them to overeact and resorts to violence and cussing

unfortunatly this has developed a group of haters called antiweeaboos that sometimes overeact
like if someone reads manga and anime alot yet it isnt there world they would be classified as one

personally being japanese-american I really find weeaboos annoying and i feel offended around them sometimes
yet not all weaboos are horrible people some are just kind,missunderstood,and yes a overboard crazyfans
(this excludes 40 year olds with no life and people that hate everyone that hates anime aka mean weeaboos)
so i feel neutral on the subject.
by SoftserveTime November 4, 2011
A person, who's of non-Japanese descent, who wishes that he or she was Japanese and claims to be an expert on all things Japanese. Usually, the person gets most of his knowledge from watching anime and reading manga and adamantly believes that everything that's made in Japan is better than anything else that's created in the rest of the world. They try to speak Japanese (which are usually slang words from Japanese anime) but fail at it so badly. They also believe that Japan is exactly as depicted in anime and thinks that Japan is some sort of fairy tale land. Pretty much, they are posers who wish that they were Japanese, worships the Japanese as if they were gods, and thinks that Japan is the center of, well, everything and they are extremely annoying, are very retarded and have a massive case of inferiority complex. They also claim that they are being oppressed by "outsiders" but the ironic thing is that they are doing the oppressing.
A weeaboo is a poser that thinks that he or she is Japanese and this infuriates pretty much everyone around him.
by Pfarrer September 30, 2014
The ultimate anime fan. (Not to be confused with Otaku or Fangirl/Fanboy)

They have a habit of washing irregularly, are completely obsessed with anything and everything to do with anime and foolishly believe that all Japanese culture is as it is portrayed via an anime.

Often mix (badly pronounced) Japanese into regular English sentences when speaking to produce a 'dialect' of sorts that is not only difficult to understand but also makes them sound like the cheap tourist no one wants to be when on vacation.

Often are fans of yaoi, and think/talk about it non-stop, as they do other anime that have the misfortune of attracting a Weeaboo's attention.
(spelled phonetically)
Weeaboo: Koneecheewa! Have you lost your In you? (Inu = dog)

Normal person: Wha....?
by Lulu-Bugg February 23, 2011
A disgusting piece of pathetic trash that thinks he/she is Japanese because they watch hentai and anime all day and running put of napkins.
by Booty Killer69 March 7, 2019
Someone who has become so obsessed with Japanese culture and anime that their brain melts into a pile of mush. Said person cannot speak one sentence without adding in a Japanese word.
A weeaboo came up to me and said, "Konichiwa Lauren-chan, your top is so kawaii! Desu!
by #1 Banana May 2, 2017
An over exaggerated term used to describe people who are obsessed with Japan's culture. The term is now used to call out people who acknowledge the fact that Japan exists.
"I like Japan"
"You're such a cringy weeaboo kys"
by BrosifJoseph June 21, 2017