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To get repeatedly screwed over by someone who you work for or with. To be constantly harassed and demeaned through passive aggressive schedule and workload changes, both unnecessary and evil.
Bob stole all of my clients. "Dude, you got weaved"

Gary just weaved me; he called and requested a schedule reduction after we discovered 3 people were being laid off.
by Icon_WRX January 23, 2009
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Alaskan slang for stoked. Often meaning far beyond stoked. To the point where there is no more stoke-age. EXTREMELY excited.
Braden: I am so ready for some snow. I want to go boarding so bad.
Noa: I'm weaved dude! I can't wait to hit some pow!
by weavedforAK October 12, 2011
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under the influence of 3 or more substances, drugs and/or alcohol
After I got cross-faded off weed and alcohol, I took some ecstasy. I was so weaved last night bro.
by KCBlazinAsian September 07, 2016
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