Beautiful she is. She’s stunning from head to toe. From her piercing eyes, to her incredible sense of style. She also just has this amazing smile. It lights up the entire world. I think that nothing else matters in the world other than her at that moment when she smiles. It’s just you and her. In your own little world. And oh my god that personality of hers... it’s so amazing. She can be so funny, and she can be mean, but you know she’s joking around. Deep down inside, she’s actually one of the most sweetest girls in the world. She uses being funny as a way to make her friends laugh. Because even though she’s perfect, she doesn’t feel like it. She’s going through hard times. Ask her if she’s okay every once in awhile. And always be there for her. She just wants to make you happy. Because she doesn’t want to see anyone go through the pain she has to go through everyday. She’ll make you feel good about yourself. She’ll always find the good in everyone, and that’s an amazing part about her. Even if your at your worst, she’ll bring out your best. She cares about you. She’s an angel. Literally. She actually is an angel. So if you happen to become, the luckiest person in this world, and date her, then treat her like an angel too. It’s going to be hard. She doesn’t exactly “like” feelings very much, and even when someone likes her back who she likes, she pushes them away because deep down, she fears to lose them. This girl, is perfect. And she deserves to be told that everyday
“Noa is such a beautiful perfect angel. I wish I was her”
by Noa lover January 9, 2021
Noa is the most kind and caring person you could meet. He cares greatly about everybody and works hard to show it. He makes all the girls fall for him, and is absolutly amazing. If u get a Noa, hold on to him and never let go. Noa is extremely funny and can always cheer anybody up. He has an amazing sense of humor and uses it to cheer everyone up. Noa is a friend to everyone and is the sweetest person you will ever meet. If you know a Noa, hold him tight and never let go of him. If you care for him, he will make sure to care for you. Noa helps with anything you need and is glad to do it for you. Noa is a girl's best friend, and a guy's best friend. He will always be there for you, no matter what happends.
Noa is the best!
by Your the best! December 14, 2018
A Noa is a terribly good friend. She’ll be there wherever and whenever you need her. She’ll always give you the best advise, the advise you’ve been waiting for. She always knew how to say the right thing without apologizing for it, and making it sound like the most reasonable thing to do.

Even though she is a magnificent person with a thrilling personality, things don’t come easy for a Noa.

She’s that kind of girl that guys want to maintain in their friendzone because she makes a perfect friend and adviser, and no one wants to make things complicated with her and losing her because of a stupid fling or even a serious relationship that ended badly.

She’s hot, but not in an obvious kind of way. She’ll probably play it hard to get , but if you’d put a bit of effort to it, she’ll be yours before you know it.

The Noa will usually have a ridiculously strong personality, she’s the kind of person whom concerns the room the minute they step through the door. Or the window, depending on the Noa ’s mood .
The Noa is, surprisingly, a terribly magnificent cook. She knows her friend’s comfort food by heart, and will make it in the best version it can possibly be.

A word of advise? Befriend the Noa. She’s so worth it.

If you’re a guy, and you like her- go for it you buffoon. She’s the best thing that can happen to you. And if she says no- whatever. She’s a friggin lunatic.
Oh damn I’m hungry. Let’s call Noa and stop at her place, she makes these amazing pastas.
by Elioelioelio June 7, 2020
A "Noa" is an Israeli girl who is originally from America. A Noa is a girl who is smart and knowledgeable. She gets along well with everyone and people love her. When people see her they tend to look at her for her beauty is breathtaking.

Noa means "from love" in Japanese, and is a popular Hawaiian name meaning Free/Freedom.
Aliza: "I met beautiful israeli girl names Noa yesterday"
Yaeli: "Shes not Israeli, shes American"
Yeea: "Shes both"
Ilan: "I met her too, she seemed very smart"
by LizAliAK95 November 28, 2011
A gorgeous, kind girl with amazing eyes and a nice ass. Funny, sensitive, sweet, caring, smart.
That girl is awesome- she's such a Noa!
by cabbagepatchkids45 August 30, 2010
Noa is probably the best person you know. Noa is a very sweet person, she is very talanted in many subjects - singing, drawing, writing, playing ukulele, and being amazing.

If you know a Noa, you should thank the lord for every day you are friends with her.
Noa is so amazing and pretty, you might mistake her for a nymph.

Eden: "Oh man, I'm so lucky to have Noa as my best friend."
Jack: "What's a Noa?"
Eden: "A Nature Nymph goddess"
Eden: "Oh man, I'm so lucky to have Noa as my best friend."
Jack: "What's a Noa?"
Eden: "A Nature Nymph goddess"
by 3lzb April 22, 2020
Noa should be your best friend she might have trouble trusting you at first but she will always stick with you she is very loyal. She is spoiled by her parents. Loves sponge bob and animals. She is special in her own way most people want to be her friend. Even though she is rude to peeps she doesn’t like she is very likeable, but she can be violent. She can mostly entertain her self with her own personality although She loves to amuse other people. She can be very attention seeking. She is the best friend you could ever ask for.
Noa should be the only noa but since she isn’t she is the best one
by Bee best friend July 21, 2021