The act of pulling ones penis out of a vagina then immediatly inserting it into the anus or vice versa. This process is then repeated over and over again.
Mel couldn't walk for 2 days after mike had frequently been changing lanes on her
by dudebra April 8, 2008
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It's when a man goes from the vagina to the anus in one quick motion without warning his partner.
I was changing lanes without signaling on Renee in the shower and she went deaf for a minute.
by intelinside August 5, 2010
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Whilst having penetrative vaginal intercourse with a woman, usually with her on all fours in the "doggy" position, a man might suddenly transfer his penis from to her anus, without warning the woman of this sudden change. The woman's reaction is usually like that of other motorists when a driver swerves into another lan on the road without indicating: she honks loudly and attempts to stop.
"I was going away busily at this woman who was a bit loose, so I decided to take my chance, and changed lanes without indicating. You could have heard her yell in Sacramento, but boy, was she tighter there."
by Anonymous October 9, 2003
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When you go from vaginal sex to anal sex without warning the girl. Must be done in a quick fashion.
Jake : Hey did you end up changing lanes without using your signal on that chick last nite?

Steve : yes sir. she said she didnt like anal but she got it anyways.
by switchbladejake August 18, 2008
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A quick switch from vaginal to anal penetration or vice-versa.
I surpised her with a sudden lane-change in return for snowballing me the other night.
by Napoleon Bonerhard November 15, 2006
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When fucking a girl you pull out and skeet on her face making a dashed white line down the middle of her face, you then slap one side of her face with your cock, then before slapping the other side you declare "LANE CHANGE!"
Julien declared a "LANE CHANGE!" as he slapped Kate the hooker on both sides of her face after he made a dotted line, accidentally getting some in her nose.
by The Lane Changer November 6, 2010
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