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In SSBM, a jump that is canceled by a diagonal mid air dodge so that you don't ever leave the ground. It results in a sliding motion that produces smoke at the character's feet. It can lead into many combos and techniques.
Isai wavedashed right into Azen's grab.
by Slashtap3 October 21, 2004
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A technique employed in most fighting games that may include a combination of imputs, usually resulting in quickened foward-mobility.
Skywarrior: "Devil Jin can do too many moves out of his wavedash and I have no idea how to counter it."

Cloneworks: "Just pick Devil Jin then."
by Qualtztraminer June 12, 2008
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A term in Super Smash Bros Melee when a character air-dodges at an angle down to a platform directly after jumping. This is useful to move small ammounts in a quick motion without going to far.
Player 1: What did you just do?

Player 2: Wavedash?

Player 1: that's useless

player 1 gets pwned by player 2's wavedashing techniques

Player 2: You were saying?
by Reiden February 20, 2011
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A glitch in Super Smash Brothers Melee in which you air dodge into the ground to make you slide across the map with style and ease.
That kid wasn't even able to touch me with my combonatinations of wave dashes and down dodges.
by Greg Best November 20, 2007
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