Name for an amazing man with the sweetest heart. Someone who seems quiet and harsh on the outside, but only puts up that wall to hide the sensitive, loving, pure heart that he has. He is a pure soul, whoever gives him love and affection must know that he values it more than anything. He is passionate about what he loves, and will always appreciate the love he receives. Giving him love is like planting a garden on untouched soil, his heart will surely be yours. He is the best friend you could ever have, he is a great listener and the best companion. There aren't many like Isai, so if you have him, appreciate him and make him feel loved. I know how much I love him.
If you meet Isai, you are sure to love him.
by Bluespring July 8, 2015
A good niño he sometimes fight but he fights to defend persons he has a great heart and he is a nice guy he will want his best friend that means a lot to him to be happy and never sad when he smiles he has this great smile make people in love with him he is loyal
bryan:you should get an Isai he is a cool dude

Maria:yeah and Isai
by Puchita March 21, 2018
One of the most funniest guys in the entire world. His sarcastic jokes and inuendos can make all Debbie-Downers laugh.
Damn, that Isai sure aint no Buzz Killington!
by alyash December 6, 2010
Joel Alvarado, alias "Isai", is the World Champion of Super Smash Bros. and is ranked 7th best in the United States in Melee. He mains Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. (but can compete at the top level with any character) and mains Captain Falcon, Fox, and Sheik in SSBM. He is also ranked first on the NorCal Power Rankings.

Generally regarded as the best Captain Falcon in the world, his other nicknames are "Jesus" and "Super King".

He is Ken Hoang's doubles partner. Isai and Ken, also known as "El Chocolate Diablo," are currently ranked as the best doubles team in the world.

Isai is known for his extreme sandbagging.
zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz isai
by nYshotBANGA February 3, 2008
Isai is a super funny person. He can be funny in any situation. Even though he might not completely understand what he is saying, he is still very funny.
Me:Did you hear Isai yesterday?
Trevor: Yeah he was hilarious!
by Laronzo Ball May 11, 2019
Along with Ken and Azen, one of the best SSBM players in the nation. Isai and Azen wavedash and use more characters well as opposed to Ken who uses Marth and doesn't wavedash.
Ken lost to a Bowser, and Azen got in 2nd...Who knows what happened to Isai. He's usually with Ken.

d00d omg Isai's Kirby nearly defeated Ken's Sheik!1! He must have used that cheat "L" button!
by Slashtap3 October 22, 2004
A term to describe a dumbass. Very very insulting if called. Usually will experience suicidal thoughts if called Isai.
Nigga 1: You nigga is an Isai.
Nigga 2: Fuck. *Dies*
by RavenRCRaven February 13, 2019