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Along with Ken and Azen, one of the best SSBM players in the nation. Isai and Azen wavedash and use more characters well as opposed to Ken who uses Marth and doesn't wavedash.
Ken lost to a Bowser, and Azen got in 2nd...Who knows what happened to Isai. He's usually with Ken.

d00d omg Isai's Kirby nearly defeated Ken's Sheik!1! He must have used that cheat "L" button!
by Slashtap3 October 22, 2004
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The most unique fighting game out there, with air dodges; various items that include range weapons, projectiles, and healing; advanced techniques, including infinites; more mobility than the average fighting game; the need for altering strategies depending on character damage; and much more.

Like many fighting games, there is a tier list that changes from time to time.

Tournaments are held all over the world for this game, and the level of competetive play can get pretty intense.
You up for some smash? Dood, put in the SSBM disc..wtf is Mario Party 5 doing in there?

Azen rules at SSBM.
by Slashtap3 October 22, 2004
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In SSBM, a jump that is canceled by a diagonal mid air dodge so that you don't ever leave the ground. It results in a sliding motion that produces smoke at the character's feet. It can lead into many combos and techniques.
Isai wavedashed right into Azen's grab.
by Slashtap3 October 22, 2004
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Unlike Ken, Azen and Isai wavedash in battle. These three are among the best American players of the game SSBM
by Slashtap3 October 22, 2004
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Among the best in the world at DDR
Lives in Japan, hangs out with his bro Take, who's also among the best. He can AAA nearly everything, but he has to barrape on a lot of stuff.
omg Yasu is so sexy with playing Burning Heat with that sweat all over his body
by Slashtap3 October 22, 2004
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