Jin is a celebrated South Korean vocalist, humanitarian & member of BTS. He is known for his 'Silver Voice' delivering powerhouse performances that captivate audiences. Jin is known for his compassion, his kindness and his polite demenor. He has also been described as an inspiration to his fellow members in BTS. The Korean GP has dubbed him a 'manner-idol' because of his high etiquette which is supplemented by his compassion & consideration for others. Jin is a beautiful person both inside & out, as his face fits the Golden Ratio , the universally recognized highest standard of beauty. (which has also earned him the title of 'Worldwide Handsome')
Listening to Jin sing is so calming. His voice is like a blanket in a winter's night.

Worldwide Handsome Jin, beautiful both inside & out.
by KIMSEOKJINNIE October 16, 2019
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A person who’s worldwide handsome, fun, friendly, smart and pretty much perfect
Omg you’re so Jin, let’s marry!
by MajesticJin December 4, 2018
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a victim of V LIVE who lost a bet and showed up to the airport wearing hanbok.
Jin wearing hanbok: I'm BTS Jin, victim of V LIVE.
by oxyjinated January 3, 2018
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Jin says “ though I’m a foreigner anyone can understand me if I just say WORLD WIDE HANDSOME
by Origami November 7, 2018
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Asian American Hip Hop Artist signed to the Ruff Ryders.
You might spit like Jin but he does it better.
by Hank November 6, 2003
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Jin in Chinese means "gold".
its also an ancient chineese state!

Ouyáng Jìng-also known as Jin, Jin tha MC, The Emcee, and 100 Grand Jin is the first Asian American solo rapper to be signed to a major record label.

Jin Kazama is the lead character in the Tekken Series(from 3 onwards)

Jin is often mistaken for the arabic word Jinn which are supernatural beingsGenie!

Jin is pronounced simillar to Gin(alcohol,spirit)
Jin:sup man heard any of ma new songs?
Arabic:ahh u a 'Jinn'go away u evil being.
Chineese:ur songs are Precious(gold)!
American:ur songs suck!
Drunkard:i would really want more of that!
by Jin! March 2, 2008
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An asian rapper that signed off with Ruff Ryders. He became famous by rapping at freetyle fridays on 106 & Park on BET. He slaughtered contestant after contestant. He's probably the best frestyle MC out there right now.
Jin could tear up Eminem in a freestyle battle.
by Albanian Kid February 22, 2005
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