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The largest, most fattening burger offered at a Hardee's restaurant. An incredible mountainous heap of bacon, beef, mayonnaise, and cheese. The holy grail of artery-clogging fast food. Contains 1,420 calories and 107 grams of fat, as well as ungodly amounts of saturated fat and sodium. PETA's worst nightmare. Not for the health-conscious or faint of heart.
Everyone get in the car, we're going to Hardee's! And bring the defibrillator, honey, 'cause I'm havin' a Monster Thickburger!
by roundthewheel October 9, 2007
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Term used to refer to the late-model NES. Games are inserted into the top and stick out from it, similar to a SNES or Genesis. Contrast this with the original side loader model, where the games did not stick out and were covered by an opening/closing flap. Also adopted a different controller style from the side-loading NES, the shape of which earned it the nickname "dog bone"; this controller is widely considered inferior to the previous square controller. Top loaders can be easily found on eBay at somewhat exorbitant prices.
Top loaders are fine and all, but nothing says "Nintendo" like that chunky old side loader.
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
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Refers to indie bands or artists that are only obscure in that they have no Top 40 plays or chart hits, but are otherwise at least moderately well-known among music fans. The name comes from the fact that these bands are among the first that people discover when they are getting into indie music, as they are just scratching the surface. Surface indie bands often penetrate the mainstream consciousness from time to time, usually by appearing on TV show or movie soundtracks, or by signing to a major label. Examples include Sufjan Stevens, Belle and Sebastian, and The Decemberists. Smug hipsters will often deride surface indie bands by saying the quality of the music suffers as a result of their increasing popularity (and are especially prone to claiming those bands have sold out), but this is just pointless douchebaggery.
Don't listen to that hipster douchebag who says it gets so much better than Of Montreal. If you enjoy surface indie, then listen to it.
by roundthewheel October 9, 2007
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A condition endured by fat people who do not clean properly between their thighs and their pelvic area. The condition is exacerbated by hygienic neglect, heavy walking, and sloppy masturbating. Swamp crotch produces one of the worst smells known to mankind - maybe even the worst. Worse than burnt popcorn, Mexican food-induced flatulence, and a recently run-over skunk combined.
Shawn should wash between his legs in the shower more often. He's got a hellacious case of swamp crotch.
by roundthewheel October 30, 2006
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An adjective used by snobby intellectuals and elitists basically as code for "this is what morons like."
Larry the Cable Guy's brand of populist humor brought the house down at my family reunion.
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
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The runny tomato water that comes from a ketchup bottle if one does not thoroughly shake it before use. Sibling of musquirt. Derived from precum.
Put it in a cup on the side just in case. I don't want any prechup on my burger.
by roundthewheel December 28, 2009
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1. A group of people, most commonly three to five in number, who regularly congregate for the purpose of making music that will hopefully make them rich and famous and get them laid.

2. A video game for the Xbox 360 that allows a person to simulate the experience of being in a rock band. One can either sing or play guitar, bass, or drums. Can be played with everyone together in one room or separately online. Akin to what being in an actual rock band would be like if you only played covers and had more cheet on your shirt.
Guy: Hey baby, I'm in a rock band, let's do it. (Girl follows guy into cheap motel room.)

Guy: Hey baby, I play Rock Band, let's do it. (Girl stares indifferently, blinks.)
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
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