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A condition endured by fat people who do not clean properly between their thighs and their pelvic area. The condition is exacerbated by hygienic neglect, heavy walking, and sloppy masturbating. Swamp crotch produces one of the worst smells known to mankind - maybe even the worst. Worse than burnt popcorn, Mexican food-induced flatulence, and a recently run-over skunk combined.
Shawn should wash between his legs in the shower more often. He's got a hellacious case of swamp crotch.
by roundthewheel October 30, 2006

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Term for a boyfriend or girlfriend who refuses to be dumped, or is ignorant of the fact that you are trying to dump them.

Coined by Jeff Murdoch in the first episode of the UK series "Coupling".
No matter how many times Steve tries to dump her, Jane remains unflushable.
by roundthewheel October 25, 2006

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A catch-all term used by parents to refer to any video game console, including those not manufactured by Nintendo.
Parent: When I was your age, I played outside! I didn't have my face glued to a Nintendo all day!

Child: Dad, please. This is a PS3.
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008

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1. A group of people, most commonly three to five in number, who regularly congregate for the purpose of making music that will hopefully make them rich and famous and get them laid.

2. A video game for the Xbox 360 that allows a person to simulate the experience of being in a rock band. One can either sing or play guitar, bass, or drums. Can be played with everyone together in one room or separately online. Akin to what being in an actual rock band would be like if you only played covers and had more cheet on your shirt.
Guy: Hey baby, I'm in a rock band, let's do it. (Girl follows guy into cheap motel room.)

Guy: Hey baby, I play Rock Band, let's do it. (Girl stares indifferently, blinks.)
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008

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Refers to indie bands or artists that are only obscure in that they have no Top 40 plays or chart hits, but are otherwise at least moderately well-known among music fans. The name comes from the fact that these bands are among the first that people discover when they are getting into indie music, as they are just scratching the surface. Surface indie bands often penetrate the mainstream consciousness from time to time, usually by appearing on TV show or movie soundtracks, or by signing to a major label. Examples include Sufjan Stevens, Belle and Sebastian, and The Decemberists. Smug hipsters will often deride surface indie bands by saying the quality of the music suffers as a result of their increasing popularity (and are especially prone to claiming those bands have sold out), but this is just pointless douchebaggery.
Don't listen to that hipster douchebag who says it gets so much better than Of Montreal. If you enjoy surface indie, then listen to it.
by roundthewheel October 08, 2007

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A pantomimed high five, performed in unison with someone who is too far away (e.g. across a room) to give you an actual high five.
When the professor announced that class would be canceled, Eric and Nathan gave each other an air five.
by roundthewheel October 24, 2006

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A technique performed by skilled players of Super Smash Bros. Melee. To execute a wavedash, one must make a very short jump into the air, and then move diagonally downward while dodging in midair with the L button. One wavedash by itself is not particularly useful; it is when the move is repeated rapidly that it becomes both impressive and practical.

Wavedashing is most useful for quickly escaping from close combat with an opponent. Also, it can get you from one end of a stage to the other faster than running or jumping. In some instances, it can also be used as a type of taunt, a means of rubbing your skill in an opponent's face.

Any time you are fighting against an opponent who knows how to do the wavedash, chances are good that that person possesses above-average Smash skills.
Ben couldn't land a single hit on Josh because Josh was wavedashing all over the stage.
by roundthewheel October 06, 2007

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