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A sitcom on CBS that, like most sitcoms created by Peter Lorre, is successful despite being shamelessly uninnovative and completely predictable. In it, Charlie Sheen - playing himself, more or less - moves in with his dorky, recently divorced brother (played by Jon Cryer) to help him raise his son. Despite its low ambitions, it is an acceptable viewing choice if nothing else is on. However, its achievements cannot be ignored. Two and a Half Men gave Jon Cryer a role to be remembered for aside from Duckie in Pretty in Pink, and Charlie Sheen singlehandedly revived the popularity of the bowling shirt. Keep your expectations low and you'll probably enjoy it.
I only watched that episode of Two and a Half Men because it just happened to come on the channel I was watching and I couldn't find the remote. It wasn't bad though. Not great, but not bad, either.
by roundthewheel October 8, 2007
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An adjective used by snobby intellectuals and elitists basically as code for "this is what morons like."
Larry the Cable Guy's brand of populist humor brought the house down at my family reunion.
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
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1. A group of people, most commonly three to five in number, who regularly congregate for the purpose of making music that will hopefully make them rich and famous and get them laid.

2. A video game for the Xbox 360 that allows a person to simulate the experience of being in a rock band. One can either sing or play guitar, bass, or drums. Can be played with everyone together in one room or separately online. Akin to what being in an actual rock band would be like if you only played covers and had more cheet on your shirt.
Guy: Hey baby, I'm in a rock band, let's do it. (Girl follows guy into cheap motel room.)

Guy: Hey baby, I play Rock Band, let's do it. (Girl stares indifferently, blinks.)
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
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The runny tomato water that comes from a ketchup bottle if one does not thoroughly shake it before use. Sibling of musquirt. Derived from precum.
Put it in a cup on the side just in case. I don't want any prechup on my burger.
by roundthewheel December 28, 2009
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A column on the AV Club, a website spun off from The Onion that focuses on pop culture. It is written by Amelie Gillette and usually updates once a day on a M-F schedule. Although she occasionally shows biting wit, many of her subjects are just fish in a barrel, and would be better off ignored than having such vast reserves of negative energy wasted on their idiocy. She appears to possess an especially extreme hatred for Dane Cook and Zach Braff.
The Hater is really drinkin' the haterade today. Did you see where she blasted Paris Hilton?
by roundthewheel October 9, 2007
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A pantomimed high five, performed in unison with someone who is too far away (e.g. across a room) to give you an actual high five.
When the professor announced that class would be canceled, Eric and Nathan gave each other an air five.
by roundthewheel October 25, 2006
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The first American Idol reject to gain widespread fame. Hung, an engineering major at Berkeley, turned in a horrendous rendition of Ricky Martin's She Bangs at his audition and was roundly rejected by the judges. Despite this setback to his singing career, he was signed to a record deal and released one album, Inspiration, a collection of covers sung by Hung and peppered with occasional words of wisdom. To this day, many are still unsure whether Hung was a savvy genius with an almost supernatural ability to mock his own self-image or just a naive fool who truly believed he was talented.
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
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