to be high on marijuana aka pot, reefer, gange, etc
Dude, i got fucking diagonal last night
by Skottish June 08, 2007
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When double dating, the person you are not directly involved with.
I dunno whether to say she's my girl's friend, or my friend's girl. She's my diagonal.
by WADK November 15, 2007
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to cross two or more intersecting streets in one direct nonstop path while avoiding contact with all intermediate corners.
See hypotenuse-tionanal-ize.
"There is no traffic in any direction at this intersection, it is appropriate to diagonalize" yelled Jane to her friend on the far corner.
by MikeS August 15, 2006
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A sexual act. The man and woman are in what would appear to be missionary position, but their heads are rotated around 45 degrees with the axis at their genital connection.
Aw, man, I tried diagonaling with Alice last night. It was an amazing sensation.
by Imperial_Inquisitorius March 18, 2011
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A massive egotistical retard that acts like he's better than everyone because he cheats in mega walls acting like a gang member skrt skrt and pisses of zed and simplymineman, also subscribe to saika
Hey did you hear diagonic got kicked off the hospital entrance discord

No wonder lmao he deserves to die
by $aika September 26, 2018
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To be retarded, stupid, bad
Kinda like “wack” or “ass”
Usually used with “fucking” in front
Yo dipshit stop being so fucking diagonal
This new album is fucking diagonal dude
by kalethedankengine October 26, 2018
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A line on a graph representing the amount of times a person talks about his/her abs, his/her dad, workouts, coupons, or politics compared to the total amount of talking they do. The slope of an average person is about 0.001, while the Weiskirch diagonal has a slope of around 0.83. Any person who exceeds the slope of the Weiskirch Diagonal should be put in a mental hospital and should also be forced to eat only stale bread for the rest of their lives.
Will: Man, that guy at the gym really knew his coupons.
Jim: Did he talk about them a lot?
Will: Yeah. He and his dad both crossed the Weiskirch Diagonal.
Jim: I hope they like stale bread.
by the angler October 10, 2012
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