A site comprised equally of horrifying and innocence destroying porn, 1D fanfiction, the occasional good book, and collections of brain farts that most find oddly hilarious.

This is truly an amazing website, as long as you stay away from the porn.Your science teachers teach you science, not what a condom look like when in use.
"I love Wattpad; I can share all of my stories without the publishing hassle!"
by mojii May 2, 2015
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Basically a website with a bunch of, 'bad-boy who actually has a heart of gold falls for some random good-girl and changes for her because he is sooooo madly in love' books, although Wattpad books are mostly cringey there are a few good ones written by genuinely good authors who are trying to start up their career.
Person #1- "I watched a movie the other day, it had such a Wattpad ending"

Person #2- "Let me guess, a hot popular and/or badass guy fall for an invisible nobody who ends up being really popular and then they live happily ever after?"

Person #1- "Yup"
by sorryforbeinghonest July 20, 2018
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The unholiest site on the internet, with the possible exception of 4chan.
Shit, I was just on Wattpad. I need Holy Water!
by RadioactiveBananaCat January 17, 2018
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Its basically an app where you can share stories and read stories,so basically you can read porn here
Wattpad is something you drink.
by squizmityt June 9, 2019
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Wattpad is a life ruiner just like twitter.
where you find your fanfictions, teen fiction, vampire and wolf stories etc.
once you start reading some of the books theres no going back.
i was reading after on wattpad and it has me going crazy all they do is fight, make up, make out, then fuck.
by idontreallycare June 19, 2014
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An amazing website where you share stories that you've written, and read and comment on other people's works. often called 'YouTube for ebooks". There is a shuffle button if you don't know what to read, and if you like a particular author, you can 'become a fan' which is basically subscribing to them.
I spent all last night reading stories on Wattpad!
by Ellieanor December 15, 2010
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Wattpad is a community full of horny lonely teenage girls reading badly written porn.
Tessa:I’m horny and insecure let’s go read a book on Wattpad
by Bardigang56 February 22, 2019
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