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Basically a website with a bunch of, 'bad-boy who actually has a heart of gold falls for some random good-girl and changes for her because he is sooooo madly in love' books, although Wattpad books are mostly cringey there are a few good ones written by genuinely good authors who are trying to start up their career.
Person #1- "I watched a movie the other day, it had such a Wattpad ending"

Person #2- "Let me guess, a hot popular and/or badass guy fall for an invisible nobody who ends up being really popular and then they live happily ever after?"

Person #1- "Yup"
by sorryforbeinghonest July 20, 2018

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A hell-like prison that Australian 9th graders are sent to when society gets tired of them.
Person 1: The bus stop feels so empty today

Person 2: The year 9's have been sent to...'you know where'

Person 1: *Gasps* you don't mean...

Person 2: *nods slowly*

Person 1: O U T W A R D B O U N D

*Random screaming from the distance*
*Screen fades to black*

~outward bound~
by sorryforbeinghonest July 03, 2019

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