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The water that flows from a priest's butthole after an enema.
Father Pedofuck called to the altar boy "Come here son and help me make some Holy Water."
by Cuntoleezza Rice October 07, 2007
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Wet pussy that won't burn your dick with an STD.
My woman has that aquafina, that holy water. That's why I always hit it raw.
by Phmns52 February 10, 2014
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Holy Water is a term for Vodka, when the folks are around, and you choose to be verbally deviant, use holy water they don't know what it means.
Yeah, John will bring the Holy Water, I'll bring the pepsi.

Dude, I cannot believe how much Holy Water I drank last night.
by Ruski Parin September 01, 2007
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Holy water is the lube you use when cracking the virgin asshole of a Christian chick. If you like her, like you'd like to retap that again later, then you want to use you know, whatever quality lube you can get from a gas station as your "holy water". If this is an angry tap, like your dad was real religious and you had some bad religious experiences, then your spittle will be the only holy water that chick is getting that night.
I met one of those kooks at the abortion rally. I'm gonna tear that ass up, but I haven't decided what type of holy water to splash on the bitch splitter. I can tell you one thing, I'm really looking forward to cuming in that rectory.
by Fuersty August 14, 2007
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When you see some nasty boys on musically DRINK IT

It cleanses your soul from cringe.

Also why are you looking here?
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by astriolettaaa June 18, 2018
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