A website/app where hormonal 14-year-old girls simp over their favourite celebrities and/or favourite anime characters and make their obsession worse.

They also write their own cringe-worthy and unreadable fanfictions which have some content that isn't even suitable for their own age.

They all claim that they're bisexual and are the type of people who will criticize your every move of you say anything negative about their idol.
Julia: "Hey, Betty! Have you seen that new Junkook fanfiction on Wattpad?"

Betty: "No, Julia, I didn't. You shouldn't too. You need to stop this Wattpad addiction and accept that you're never going to date your favourite celebrity, because he is double your age. Your family and I are worried sick. Get out of your room and get some goddamn sunshine for once."
by SleekRainbow July 04, 2020
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A place where everyone publicly roleplays random things and privately roleplays any type of sex the other role-playing person will agree to.
"I'm going to go check wattpad!"
20min later__________________________
*jacked off so hard to stupidity that he passed out*
by Randomurbandefiner February 28, 2017
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A website for wannabe 11-year-old writers where they are forced to use side images to help the reader understand the simplest of descriptions because the writers are wholly incapable of using such basic adjectives as "big" and "blue". It's like all the bad parts of FFN decided to get together and have babies; horrible grammar and bad plots abound in this little corner of the Internet because the "authors" write down the first thing that half-forms in their minds and refuse to do something so fundamental and elementary as spell-check.

One could assume that most of the "authors" are American-born, only speak English, but have some rare disease that ties there fingers in knots and ad holds down the shift key as they slam their stubby fingers into the "1" key or forward slash (the overuse of punctuation is ridiculous.)
Person 1: "What is Wattpad?"
Person 2: "Worse than Fan Fiction dot Net, that's for sure."
by AngelAxexinf July 24, 2014
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a site for teenage and sometimes adult, virgins.
girl 1 ; ive heard that cindy uses wattpad.

girl 2 ; no wonder shes the biggest virgin in schoil
by poppyharlow July 24, 2018
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A site filled with fanfiction, sometimes good, sometimes appalling. There are many genres and themes on there. The most emotionally scarring fanfics on there are 'The Hat Fic' (Dan and Phil) and 'The Milk Fic' (Panic! At The Disco)
person 1 : give me some wattpad story recommendations bro.
person 2: I don't know what you like but I will tell you to stay away from 'The Hat Fic' and 'The Milk Fic'
by __Wassup__Awkward__Introvert__ November 24, 2019
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the place of fan fiction
if you go there i recommend to stay of the weird side
friend: "i just realized in writing fan fiction

friend: "well wattpad here i come ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ˜ญ
by BurnMePls January 25, 2021
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