Where talentless 13-year-old girls (most often "directioners") can post their idiotic stories about two of the One Direction boys in a gay romance.

These crappy, immature, illiterate nobodies proceed to write completely-predictable, unoriginal garbage, and happen to get around 100,000 reads, 100,000 votes, and 100,000 comments about how amazing the stories are (I'm surprised their little brains can even tell the works apart, considering they're all the same). These comments consist of things like "omg ur SO talnted", "oh wander wutll hapn necst", and "right MOAR!" (please don't).
And to beat it all, the very few half-decent writers on the garbage site get about five reads if their story isn't about vampire-werewolf love triangles or One Direction fanfiction. Way-to-go, Wattpad!
Random girl: OMG wattpad is so cool!
Me: Actually, it's crap. Get off there, before it rots your brain any farther.

Random girl reading book: I'm reading this new book called "Secret Wings"!

Me: What's happened so far?
Random girl: Well, this girl Hailey has no mom. It says, "The only thing that could be called unusual in her life was that her mother had disappeared into thin air not long after Hailey's birth." I can't IMAGINE what will happen!
Me: Well, taking from both the title and that cruddy "foreshadowing" you just gave me, the main character will have something happen to her that reveals she is some mythical creature, go on some dumb quest to find her mother, and after a whole lot of garbage, be reunited with her mother.
Random girl: Yeah, well I bet that doesn't happen!
-Ten minutes later-
Random girl: Oh my gosh! She's a fairy!
-Twenty minutes later-
Random girl: Yes! She's found her mother!
Me: God, help us.

To help you imagine Wattpad, this "story" is actually in second place for Fantasy.
by Trevrizent February 15, 2015
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A website with thousands of stories written by amateur writers who wish they were half-decent. They actually couldn't write to save their lives, but instead delude themselves into thinking that they're pretty good.
The majority of the stories are romance, and all the other genres branch off from there. Everything is cliche on there, save for the few good writers who can't find a better place to post their works.
Random girl: OMG! Did you hear that BLAH updated his story, BLAHBLAHBLAH?
Me: I honestly don't care.
Random girl: You're just upset that you can't write like that.
Me: Trust me, woman. A first-grader can write better than those people.

Random girl reading story on Wattpad: Oh no! I wonder what's going to happen to him!
Me: Tell me the title.
Random girl: I'm Crushing on my Hot Step-Brother! The girl just found her step-brother making out with some slut!
Me: The step-brother will notice her, push the slut away, and a few chapters later announce his unconditional love for her.
Random girl: I bet you that doesn't happen, jerk!
Twenty minutes later...
by SmarticleinHiding February 23, 2012
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A reading/writing website meant for people all around the world to share their stories but instead is mostly used to read/write erotic, gay, fan fiction that preteen girls secretly masterbate to. Almost all the writers are half decent except for the unpopular, literate users that are shunned because of their views on politics. Most of the users are dumb twelve-fourteen year olds who act like they are fifteen and don't know the proper use of your. The intelligent minority usually debate and argue about relevant topics but the only topic they don't discuss about is the middle eastern conflict because most of the users are stupid preteens who think they can argue with the exception of ten other users who are actually in high school and know that when they are losing an argument, "bla bla bla," is not a good response to prove that they are right. There are also roleplay books which are mostly fan fiction roleplay or sex slave roleplay in which the girl is thirteen with every power imaginable, except the power of stopping the "sexy" college dude from raping/f*cking her. Most of the users are depressed or social rejects.
Person #1: dude what are you doing?
Person #2: I'm on wattpad
Person #1: what do you even do on wattpad?
Person #2: I argue with people, roleplay, and read gay, pornagraphic fanfiction about Harry styles.

Person#1: cool, what are you doing now?
Person #2: I'm roleplaying. I'm an 18 year old slave owner and I'm butt-raping the 14 year old daughter of Zeus because she let me do so
Person#1: awesome, I think I want to go on wattpad
by XShadowXQueenX January 01, 2015
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A website where a bunch of amateur writer post bullshit but it's like good bullshit and whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
Friend: Omfg. I just started reading this thing on wattpad and omg!
Frienderino: Wait... What's wattpad?
by premieredimension April 24, 2018
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An app with Gay fanfics and smut for horny little 12 year olds

Me: Bitch no
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The darkest pit of hell for fangirls/fanboys, many children with two braincells write smut And lemons but the occasional good book can be better than the original, but those Good stories are often met with a readers worst nightmare is “last Updated 3 years ago”
“Man i love wattpad
“What are you? A fangirl/fanboy?“
by K.z12.. October 11, 2020
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An app/website of smut/word porn, bad fanfiction, the rare amazing fanfic, cringe, awful grammar/awful writing, and the extremely uncommon fantastic book.
Person 1) Have you been on wattpad lately?
Person 2) Yeah, I just finished a really good (ship/fandom name here) fanfic!
Person 1) Oh, cool! You’ll have to give me the title and/or author!
by _maki_harukawa53 October 14, 2020
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