Place name.
Abbreviation/slang for the South West London Borough of Wandsworth. Many parts of Wandy have experienced or are in the process of serious gentrification. An example of this is Wandy's 'Southside' shopping centre formally known as the 'Arndale Centre'; transformed in the 00's from sordidness into something new and trendy. There are still parts of Wandy - particularly Wandsworth Town area, that have retained their shittyness; ergo, this area has been nick named 'Little Hackney' due to it's striking resemblance to the North East Borough.
Shall we head down to Wandy Town then? Or would you rather go to Clapham?
by East-end wordary September 12, 2010
Wandsworth common, also known as a place where kids from all over south london go to do drugs and fight. Schools like Emmanuel, whitgift, graveny, Bolingbroke, chestnut grove and more love it as its a breeding ground for stds and a place for BTEC roadmen to act tough.
"yo, you going wandy later?"

"safe let's do some drugs and try to get mugged"
by 78bech76 November 15, 2020
1. Water

2. A grammatical addition conveying the highest form of empathy and value to its target subject.

3. Penis (Alternatively spelled: Wandus)
1. "Hold on boys, I need to grab some wandis."

2. "This food is the fresh wandis. Like, the freshest wandis."

3. "Damn that guy's got one hell of a wandus."
by Winzzy June 3, 2019
Someone who has podgy cheeks; long, brittle fingers; man boos; saggy foreskin, who nobody likes.
get away from me you Wandi!
by Bullet? Bullet! February 24, 2010
A guy with the name Andy that complains a lot , much like a baby
Wandy cries,” whaaaaaaa, whaaa , whaaaa
All the way home .”
by Tatahs tatahs June 19, 2020
An idiot who usually has a crush on agurl but can not tell her as he is afraid and he has an enormous glizzy
Look that boy is such a wandi
by Similo Phiwo January 5, 2022
Someone who suffers from multiple personality disorder or consistently hears voices in their head
Oh that girl's talking to herself, she must be a Wandie
by Selina Kyle is God November 24, 2021