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Infamous for the central green and leafy Wandsworth Common. Wandsworth is renound for its various buning mandem. Wandsworth unlike other more materialistic boroughs such as Dulwich or Clapham, is defined not by the buildings but by the people. Wandsworth is a social arena like no other. Also notorious for the deceased 'Rusts' now the up and coming 'Nisa Local', where are manner of beverages and assortments of snacks can be purchased. Wandsworth is not just a borough its simply a religion. Legend has it that the four founders of Wandsworth ingraved the legendary 'W' in to each others shaved heads. The heart of Wandsworth lives on, strong, protected by various chosen Deciples none more renound than that of a young boy who burdened the responsibility of his borough at a young and tender age, but showed great character and wisdom in guiding the borough through some of the darkest days it has seen. Praise be to Wandsworth
I was strolling leisurely through Wandsworth.

I simply love Wandsworth
by the hear of wandsworth e March 09, 2011
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