Loud and very public anal sex on Clapham Common best done after closing time.
Hey, look at Mikey - he is still wearing the tell tale signs of his Clapham Common last night
by clapham lover September 04, 2008
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If you get lost anywhere in south west London just find Clapham Junction and you can get home again
by Last Chancer October 28, 2006
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A Clapham Glove is often used to defend the male from notorious Sexually Transmitted Diseases often caught in Clapham following a Hinge or Tinder date. These diseases can include; Relationships, Second Dates and Clap.

The male should always be equipped with their own "Clapham Glove"
"Oh no, Jack is going on a Hinge date tonight, I hope he has packed an extra Clapham Glove"
by ClaphamGloveSS December 13, 2020
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noun.when a hairband or ponytail is worn that pulls back tightly against the scalp creating the illusion of a face lift.popular in trailer parks and council estates.
e.g Her head looks like she`s had a clapham face lift!
by steve finning June 20, 2006
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a school for rich snobby girls who parents have a lot of money the stay in 5 star hotels and are very skinny they think they are roadmen but they are not
the streatham and clapham girls are looking great in the £89 blazer and skirt also airforce ones
by duly illy September 01, 2019
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Wearing a rear bicycle light in the same manner as one would wear a bow-tie. Light is generally attached using a clip to the collar. Light is switched on/off as desired. Must be flashing when on.
'I say Jenkins, that chap is sporting a rather fine clapham bow tie, what?'

'Eeey blud, set me your clapham bow tie. Also your phone.'
by Dr. Lady Lolbert Monkeybush March 19, 2009
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