Walsall is a town is the west Midlands that is home to places like Blakenall and shelfield. It is one of the worst areas in England. Chavs and roadmen roam the streets stealing handbags from grannies and you'd be lucky if you see a man with a proper job as 3 quarters of the population practically live in the job centre
Hard working man: I might move to walsall

Hard working woman: no it's a shithole
Walsall is a right shithole. Don't go there
by ThePoseiden.1243 December 03, 2019
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Town in black country. West Midlands. Homeless man singing like a dying cat.
Man 1: want to go up Walsall mate. I was thinging about giving that homeless man a tenner.
Man 2: dont do that. He'll blast it on drugs and start singing ed sheeran thinking that hes riding a bicycle on the roof of jd sports
by Chavvy little bastad December 12, 2019
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A little football team in the Midlands that hardly ever win and are managed by paul merson.
"crikey theres 3,000 here today, its a full house !!"
by Sparky Fenton March 23, 2005
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It’s where a teacher eat goat on a trip on the way down from the mountain as he’s fat and eat all he’s food on the way up
Walsall Academy

What did are you one?
I choose goat
Loves goat doesn’t matter what others think

Poor goat died at the age of 5 cuz he’s to fat and couldn’t save some food for the way back down
by Hommillioan April 24, 2019
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A place were people die on outward bound and in car crashes
Walsall academy is used to describea shit hole
by Morgan Naylor March 30, 2018
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'Walsall House' is regarded as a regional term of House music based in the small town located in the West Midlands, England.

Although not to be confused as a sub-genre, the term constitutes the amalgamation of popular funky and electro house, influenced by producers using generic synth sounds and rich analogue basslines, occasionally regarded as 'phat dirty bass'.

Socially and geographically, it is important to note on a local level, that Walsall House created a newfound, integrated club scene in Walsall, at its 'Hacienda', WS1.
"He played a 2 hour set of pretty much Walsall House, and then some Speed Garage before ending with a mash-up of Stonebridge vs Pendulum"
by Clinton Baptiste August 04, 2007
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