A game played between friends when out in public. The object of the game is to find the most hideous, fat, unattractive person you can and then tell your buddy "Found you one!". Your friend must then locate the individual which immediately results in your friend having naked visions about the said freak. You must also make sure that the freak doesn't become aware that you are making light of them because charging elephants and buffalo can really run fast! Fun for boys and girls!
Walking through the gates at the track, Asa spotted a rather robust woman wearing a shirt that made her look like a can of busted biscuits. Tapping Josh on the shoulder he said "Found you one motherfucker!"
by Asa Guy May 13, 2007
The act of scraping one's nails down another person's arm to convey anger, resentment or the recognition of a derogatory comment.
Chris: 'I fucked your mum'
John: 'Well, I'm going to have to twat you one'
by C. J. Lynch & D. E. Knight December 8, 2012
Ashton Kutcher: "Hey man, are you going to get get you one with me after the show tonight?"

Snoop Dogg: "Nah, I already got me one earlier today. You can go ahead and get you one, though."
by 1bram4 August 27, 2009
A phrase created by Steve cash to describe a person who participates in basic or cringy behavior.
Girl: I wanna go to Starbucks

Guy: Oh you one of dem
Girl: what does that mean.
Guy:(Smirking) idk it is what it is
Girl: Whatever.
Guy: Oh you one of dem

Girl: Boy leave me the fuck alone
Guy: Damn i aint even do nun.
by Steve Cash January 6, 2019
Term used to describe the art of pulling someone’s hair and dragging them by it.

This is normally a swift and sharp motion that leaves the victim on the floor. There is no required distance someone needs to be pulled to be considered being wigged, but they do need to move from where they originally where.

The word “wig” in this sense does not mean a literal wig (as is also the case with the term “ket wig”), but instead the literal hair.

In some dialects, hair in general can be called a wig.
“Your da sells Christmas lights all year round.”

“Oh shut up with the your da jokes before I wig you one.”
“Your da needs a wig.”
by Worn Forrest April 16, 2022
An expression used to imply that one good deed done will be reciprocated
Thank you for getting the work done while I was away, I owe you one.
by valormann July 30, 2018