Streets between 59th and 96th. A lot of rich people live in the area especially on fifth avenue. Apartments in the area usually cost at least 1 million. Many JAPS live in the area and go to the one sex private schools around ex. marymount, constance, etc. A book series has been written on the lives of teens who live there, Gossip Girls. A movie is soon to come out.
by KC January 30, 2005
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A 1/4 square mile hellhole full of some of the most classless wealthy/moderately affluent people alive. An area of Manhattan smeared with dog shit and smelling strongly of piss. The UES is full of rude old people with tacky accents who wear fur in 55-degree weather. It is also home of the brattiest children alive, all of which who have a minority nanny or are cocaine-snorthing whores.
Remember the movie Cruel Intentions? Throw a few thousand of those little ParisHiltonesque pursepuppies, and there's your accurate depiction of the upper east sider.
by jen May 14, 2005
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Upper East Side is the superior, cooler version of the upper west side. The Upper East side is where the cool bitches are at :) And no, not everyone on the Upper East Side is bitchy OR snobby nor are they all extremely wealthy. Upper East Siders are hot, classy awesome people who throw the BEST parties... you wish you were an upper east sider, stop hating.
Josh: Damnn that party at Natalies house was the shit....gotta love the upper east side

Seth: Damn Straight...those girls were hot....the upper west side party was kinda lame compared to the upper east side one :)
by PeaceOut10987 April 4, 2011
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Generic, bland, white, yuppie, American band music, typical of jukeboxes in pubs on Manhattan's Upper East Side and Turtle Bay areas. The songs are well known, the bands are well known, but which song goes to which band is difficult to determine.
My friend Rob likes a lot of Upper East Side Rock and thinks its awesome.
by TMT75 June 1, 2011
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