A slang word used by the British, often as employed by those with a cockney accent. Meaning God. (Possibly "god damn" as "cor blimey" is believed to be derives from "god, blind me.")
"Cor, wot a bloody wanker you are."

Translation: "God, what a fucking jerkoff."
or "God damn, you're a wack job."
by Vicious September 12, 2003
From cor blimey, cor is often used to suggest that you find someone, or something, sexy.
- I'm not wearing any pants.
- Cor, now I've got the fucking horn!
by shhexy corin July 1, 2006
An abbreviation for "come on, read".
Used when texting someone and they ignore/haven't seen your message.
Person A: "Hey what's up?"
Person B: "Not much. Want to go to the movies?"
Person B: "Hello?"
Person B: "cor, bro."
by HalplessBerries January 6, 2023
I cor find it, but i bay want it anyway.
by Septic81 October 5, 2007
cor is short for coricidin or triple c's, an otc drug gaining popularity.
i'm tripping really hard on core tonight.
by seth October 9, 2004
an automobile -as in "car" except pronounced more like an apple "core"
Get in the cor!
by Thomas Ferranti May 22, 2004
A more powerful usage of the phrase "Of Course Not"
"Hey alec can I swig of your juul" -sam
"Cor not" - alec
by He she i fah no December 5, 2018