Waiting Room is the virtual limbo of seemingly never ending hold music you are often sent to when calling a help desk, business, or Government agency. Waiting Room is the act of putting someone immediately on hold as soon as you answer the phone without them realizing anyone picked up. This process takes an experienced and dexterous phone analyst. This practice is most commonly used by receptionists and call center agents. It is used as a way of circumventing or improving 'call in queue' stats or simply as a way of stopping the insecent ringing of one's phone. The best waiting room analysts can put unsuspecting callers in the waiting room without so much as a blip in the hold music.
hey, can you get that call? It's been sitting in queue for like 10 minutes?" "I'm too busy but not to worry I think Sandeep just put it in the waiting room.
by dirtykurty September 7, 2010
Slang term for the state of Florida. It refers to the high number of retirees living there.
by jjjk July 28, 2006
A word used to describe any town or village with a high percentage of elderly people such as Tampa Florida, Worthing, UK, Eastbourne, UK
Eastbourne? Don't make me move to God's waiting room, i've still got my own teeth you know
by Wixon October 17, 2007
A term that has gained currency in New Zealand and Australian slang to describe a male who self-identifies as "bisexual" but is in reality using this label to avoid admitting that he is in fact completely gay.

Such a person will often be in denial as to their true sexual orientation and may attempt to maintain relations with females while soliciting covert same-sex relations, often anonymous in nature or downlow.

A man in the gay waiting room will likely leave emotional collateral damage on both sides of the gender divide in his bid to pass himself off as bisexual.
See that guy over there at the bar, he claims he's bisexual but you can so tell that he's just in the gay waiting room.
by Mr Papafloratos June 19, 2009
Arriving in a waiting room to find worthwhile reading material, only to be interrupted shortly after when your appointment is running unusually on time.
Did you see Jay Leno's new street rod in the latest Wheels magazine?
No, I didn't get up to that part. Dentist was running on time. Damn waiting room paradox.
by Deege2517 May 31, 2010
(n.) old people section of ft. lauderdale. AKA Tamarac.
all the damn cotton heads from gods waiting room drive too slow
by ViperTGB March 6, 2006
Friend waiting room is similar to a friendzone. It usually describes two people in a close friendship that for several reasons are not ready to commit to a real relationship but in the future plan/can be a couple
John : Do you want to go out with me?

Sarah : No. I'm not friendzoning you though, I just can't commit to a relationship yet. I will put you in a friend waiting room for now.

John : Okay, I understand.
by Niccs August 9, 2020