5 definitions by Wixon

V. To have been defeated by alcohol/tiredness.
Mate, you look conquered, was it a late one last night?
'Would you like another pint?'. 'No thanks, i'm conquered'
by Wixon October 17, 2007
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v. defeated by liquor - normally expressed at height of hangover and tiredness
"He looked conquered after last night's lock-in"
"Would you like another? No i'm completely conquered"
by Wixon October 08, 2007
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n. The pants/trousers/slacks in your wardrobe that you aim to diet into.
"They are nice pants, do you still wear them?" "no, i can't even fit one leg into them, they are my persistence pants"
by Wixon October 17, 2007
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N. A member of the paparazzi specifically someone who photographs glamour models or similar
When Jordan signed her latest deal, the bap-pappers were out in force again
by Wixon November 05, 2007
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A word used to describe any town or village with a high percentage of elderly people such as Tampa Florida, Worthing, UK, Eastbourne, UK
Eastbourne? Don't make me move to God's waiting room, i've still got my own teeth you know
by Wixon October 17, 2007
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