A nigga that live in jimtown but don’t go to a gym, smoke all day, sleep on the floor, and got a dirty ass house
That nigga Carey is a fat ass because he live in jimtown
by Hsbfbd February 26, 2019
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Someone with a very wide region for their ass to occupy in the world. They are usally made fun of their big ass

"Hey Fat Ass! Don't down, your big ass might break it!"
by UrbanTeen April 21, 2006
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A fat ass, typically referred to as Miguel De La Cruz, is a lazy fuck who loves sitting his ass down all day playing Rainbow Six Siege while yelling "HOW DID I NOT KILL HIM!?!?!? I SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD!!!!" with the sound of their keyboard being smashed in the background. Furthermore, when asked, fat ass will reject going out to hang with friends. What fat ass's friends don't know is that it's not that he doesn't want to go, it's just his musty ass is stuck in his chair from playing too much video games and he doesn't want to call the fire department to get it out. As usual, fat ass doesn't really have any real friends. All his "friends" are only there to get closer to fucking his sister.
Hey Fat Ass, want to come to the Americana tonight?
Bro, I'm Miguel De La Cruz, you should already know the answer to that one.
by kalensucks March 23, 2019
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A gorgeous, smoking hot girl with a perfect body who loves tacos and wings, yet always stays flawless
I'm jut a fat ass who loves food
by Handsomebananas July 28, 2017
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Someone wwith an uncontrolable erge to eat
"Heaven is never being Full"
by Booth August 7, 2004
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