A diet pioneered by Dr. Atkins, in which he emphasizes an extreme reduction in carbohydrates in one's principal diet to lose weight. The person on the diet is required to eat a certain amount of protein a day to help with repairs in musicle mass.

Critics painstakingly try to debunk the Atkins diet as being ridiculous and lame, but the science behind the diet doesn't lie. Since carbohydrates are your body's primary energy source, significantly reducing them causes your body to start burning it's second natural energy source: stored fat. When your body starts doing this, it's in a state called "ketosis." (Not to be confused with ketoacidosis, a dangerous conditions that diabetics can slip into if a certain blood-sugar level isn't maintained.)

Objective studies have shown that, over time, this diet is just as effective as any other diet.

Contrary to what the morons say on here, you ARE restricted in what types of proteins you consume, and you don't TOTALLY eliminate carbohydrates. You're simply eliminating the types that have a high impact on your blood-sugar level.

Furthermore, critics like to argue that consumption of high amounts of proteins and cholesterol while on this program have a detrimental effect on your health. This is almost always untrue. Since you no longer have excess sugar to burn (from your own consumption), your body changes over from a sugar-burning metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism. The excess fat and cholesterol consumed by you is simply burned away.
by Lon May 12, 2005
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A diet that advocating eating basically whatever the hell you want as long as it's low in carbs. Supposedly helps you lose weight.
"Hey I saw your mom at Denny's today eating a plate of 10 eggs scrambled with extra cheese, 30 strips of bacon, and a large glass of half and half. Must have blown half her paycheck on that one."
"Shut up man. She's on the Atkins diet. She's already lost 10 pounds."
"What's that put her at, deuce and a half."
"Close, she's about 280 nowadays."
"That's a HUGE bitch!"
by Nick D February 24, 2004
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A diet in which you count your "net carbs" (which are carbs - dietary fibre). Contrary to popular beleif, this diet does not encourage you to eat massive amounts of bacon, cheese and other foods high in fat.
The reason why this diet actually works is because:
1. When you are eating regular carbs, your body uses them for energy by braking them up with insolan (which causes your blood sugar to rise, and then fall dramatically depending on the type of carb you eat) then u crave carbs again....its like a rollercoaster
2. When on Atkins, you are basically trying to keep your blood sugar constant - flat lined you could say.
3. When u don't use carbs for energy, your body switches in to ketosis - which is fat-burning mode. Instead of your body burning carbs and storing fat, your burning fat you eat and fat you store - that is why you can eat more fat on this diet - fat replaces carbs

* this diet has been proven by many studies to help type 2 diebetics - if you think about it, type 2 diebetics is like being allergic to carbs - your body cannot process them efficiently.

* I agree that this is a overly hyped diet - but it actually does work. I've lost 20 pounds over a month and a half - about 3 pounds a week. AND IM NOT HUNGRY ALL THE TIME LIKE I WAS WHEN I ATE CARBS! You have to do it properly - check out www.atkins.com for more infomation
A typical day on Atkins (if you do it right)


2 egg omlette with cheese, ham, green pepper and onion
Low carb pancakes with low carb syrup with strawberries
Low carb bread (made with soy and whole wheat), with natural peanut butter


Garden salad with chicken
Low carb wrap with cheese, mayo, ham and chicken w/veggies


Chicken breast with cheese and salad
or any meat with veggies


- Nuts
- Berries
- Sugar free candies/chocolate (eat sparingly though!)
- Veggies and dip
- Low carb bread with cream cheese or peanut butter
by Jenn October 11, 2004
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Should be called "Fadkins diet".
American people think not eating bread will make 'em lose weight. How 'bout doing something that works, like gettin' off ya freaking jello tush and work out?
by nikkan_hanil April 12, 2004
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Weight loss method devised in the 1970's by Richard Atkins. The basic principle is lower carbohydrate intake, as carbs are stored energy. If there is less carbohydrate, then the body will go to using fat, go directly to using fat, do not pass carbs, do not collec 200 calories.
The atkins is really fuckin' expensive, just go to the fuckin gym.

DR Atkins slipped on ice and fell. He had a heart attack. Had his body been less petit, he would have survived- translation- go to the gym and lose weight while becoming stronger, rather than scrawney.
by Gumba Gumba March 13, 2004
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The sorry excuse for a diet regimen that ends up leaving you more unhealthy than if you had stayed off the diet.
How can you substitute sugars and starch for saturated fats? The brain's main food is sugar, and there happens to be a little insignificant thing called....uhh.... HEART DISEASE?!!!!!
by bigtones January 10, 2005
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1: A low carb eat whatever else you want to eat diet. Many people just eat less carbs on the diet forgetting the importance of getting off of their fat asses.
2: Another ideological table scrap for the intellectually starved.
Fuck this Atkins diet shit doesn't do anything, balanced diet and 1\2 hour of exercise a day! Idiots.
by Fit Trick August 26, 2004
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