Work-life balance
People working in finance and consulting usually have a hard time with WLB
by WLB2021 January 26, 2021
The short term for Whiny Little Bitch. Used to describe people who complain too much. Often said under the breath while rolling ones eyes. Frequently uttered by exasperated girlfriends.
Boyfriend: But I don't want to go downtown tonight. It's too expensive, and there's nowhere to park.

Girlfriend: WLB, sweetie. WLB.
by KatyM February 3, 2008
Abbreviation for Whiney Little Bitch. When someone is whining about things that shouldn't be whined about. Man up!
Babe, quit being a WLB. It's just a paper cut.
by Free_spirited_okie November 16, 2016
WLB is a school full of whiny bitches. They are "rich" and snobby and think the world revolves around them but in reality, they're just fake and annoying and nobody likes them. They act like they are older than their actual age too.
Hey that kid was being an annoying snobby bitch today.
oh he's probably from WLB.
by bigsexyperson69 November 25, 2019
WLB: noun; (acronym) standing for Weird Looking Baby. Used as an undermining of a babies cuteness or (not as often) to describe the strangeness of an infant's features. I.E. huge head, red hair, cleft foot etc.
He: I'd love to babysit your new cousin if the pay is right.

She: The pay better be real right for that WLB.
by WillyDynamite June 9, 2011
For those people that go the extra mile to be a wussy, loser, baby all in one and who has the time to call them so many names just call them a WLB
My sister hide under a table after destroying the house because of a house fly she's 22 years old she's a WLB.
by I hate you all 🖕 May 31, 2019
Whiny little bitch. Created to explain people acting like Gus Colwell.
Wow, ur really being a WLB rn.
by Eggggjsvsjj May 30, 2022