Simon Bridges, aka Simon Fucking Bridges, is the leader of the opposition party in New Zealand politics. He has struggled with not staying relevant for the last few years and now with the CoVid19 lock downs decided he was entitled to drive to his office from his home 320kms away each week, breaking lock down protocol and looking like a complete penis throughout. In a tantrum, befitting of a 3 year old, Simon did a livestream trying to criticise the current government, lead by Jacinda Ardern, aka Aunty Cindy, good bitch, to which nearly the whole country turned on him and simultaneously shouted 'COCK'.
Trevor; "Gidday Blue, how you be?"

2nd Trevor; "Trev, did you just hear what that whiny little bitch, Simon fucking Bridges, just said about our good bitch, Aunty Cindy?"

Trevor; "Yeah, what a Cock!"
by NoPreach April 23, 2020
A person (typically female) that frequently complains in a feeble or petulant way.
A: I hate rain, it 's hard to do anything when it's raining.
B: Stop being a whiny little bitch!
by Proxima Nova September 27, 2015
A person who is born on third base and thinks they hit a triple their whole life and kicks people out of the Honda Open. A WALB can be heard complaining to their parents how their friends win majors and they deserve one too.
Justin Thomas is a WHINY ASS LITTLE BITCH who often wafts his own queefs upward so he can smell how much of a puss he is
by Bobby Denardo June 9, 2020