acronym, "wish I was with you". commonly used when texting someone you want to sleep with.
by bubba joe rieley December 16, 2008
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What is Wrong With You. It's pronounced WeeWee and is a cute baby mumbling of the word Really.
WIWWY people?: What is wrong with you people?
by millimetric December 9, 2010
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a very cute way of describing a penis
willy = wiwwy
i love your wiwwy so much *shrugs*
by Davina May 23, 2006
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i dunno i dunno i dunno i dunno i dunno
by matt April 25, 2004
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a phrase replacing "silly willy." just an expressed phrase like lol to lawl... gives it a different, more loose perspective.
An example is, Ethan is a siwwy wiwwy because he is odd.
by Lin12 April 3, 2009
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Wiwwy is the most sus imposter to ever play. Wiwwy is the alpha of amog us.
Wiwwy is super sus
by cacalee November 24, 2021
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WIWWY means what is wrong with or what is wrong with you you sick fuck
Eruaj:I love you car I want to f##k you car

Pota:WIWWY !
by Kaka so June 2, 2022
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