Italian word used in the northern cities especially in the dialect spoken in Bergamo.

Pota doesn't have a specific meaning, but it's used as an exclamation or just a 'filling word'. Similar to an english 'so..' or 'yep!'.
Pòta a ‘l dis ol frat quand che ‘l se scòta, se ‘l frat a ‘l se scota mia pòta ‘l la dis mia!
Pota dice il frate quando si scotta, se non si scotta, non lo dice!
Pota says the preist when he burns himself, if he doesn't, he doesn't say it!

M: Silvia, perchè non hai fatto i compiti?

S: Pota mamma non ne avevo voglia!

M: Silvia, why didn't you do your homework?
S: Pota mum I didn't want to.
by giogiorgia November 23, 2017
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Mãe de gi is a pota
Mãe de gi is sooo pota
by Nomebaril February 4, 2020
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A legendary cross between a human and a potato. Gets laid pretty much 24/7 and is pretty good at gmod. He’s got a big cock and is pretty much an alpha male.
Dan: who’s the sexy dominant beast going around?
Ethan: oh that’s Pota.
by PotaPussy September 30, 2018
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The Filipino term for "Please".
Pass me the rice, pota.
Pota, could you move a little to the side?
by tehcheese November 2, 2011
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Same as "puta" but due to d use of profanity or abusive words or phrases, in any language, it is strictly prohibited during chatting with other players and in the creation of Character Names or Guild Names in online games. Players deemed to have violated this policy are subject to sanctions and may have their Character Name or Guild Name changed without prior notice like in the famous "Perfect World" on-line game. There is also a built in program that recognize certain foul languages and banning them completely or "x-ing" them. Filipino Players found a way to use certain foul languages thus evolving them from the word "puta" to "pota" or by using a numerical symbol "0" (zero) to the word "pota" to "p0ta".

(Chat Room):

- Puta ka ibalik mo sa akin yan!!!
(Fuck you, give it back to me!!!)

*the program recognizes the word thus replacing them with...

- ***a ka ibalik mo sa akin yan!!!


Philippine On-line Gamers:

- Pota ka ibalik mo yan!!!

*the program does not recognize the word allowing it completely to be entered

- Pota ka ibalik mo yan!!!
by Myk_Crypt April 25, 2008
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lathi dia pota fataye dibo!
by AQ December 28, 2005
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A lot of semen released when masturbation for men.
Daniel... I can smell your potae!
by AgariTHeBarter October 15, 2015
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