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"The Alpha" is the dominant male participating in a 3-way sexual encounter involving two men and one lady.

The (only) way to achieve "The Alpha" status is by having the other male suck one's heafty meat stick, by force if necessary.

It is crucial that both male participants are heterosexual, otherwise Alpha status is not valid - you've just done something gay.
Kathy, a kinky dirt-bag slut, invited her casual fuck-buddy Steve to her place to bang her while her new boyfriend watched. After a while Kathy's boyfriend joined in the slam-fest, during which time Steve was like: "Suck my fucking cock dude. Now." The boyfriend hesitated and laughed it off thinking it was a joke, until Steve grabbed his head and made him choke on his yoghurt slinger.

Steve was The Alpha.

(Shortly thereafter, Kathy's boyfriend became unable to perform sexually. There were also rumors he lost his job and began to drink in excess.)
by Will McKenzie January 01, 2017
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