W/C stands for "week commencing", this term is mainly used in logistics by demand planners.
"I need the material on the W/C 04.20.09"
by lmferraz April 6, 2009
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Used on HorseIsle or any other site where there are different chat modes (adverts, buddies, global)
w/c stands for 'wrong chat' when someone posts a message, such as a comment, in the wrong mode like adverts
SceneChild: -ads-lol!
SceneChild: -global- oops w/c. lol
by SceneChild001 April 20, 2009
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Abbreviation for "which"
I didn't have a chance to learn w/c means that I really have to this week.
by LordInquisitor January 12, 2012
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on instant messagin it means web cam
u got w/c?
ye, ill put it on hold up
by resident_j May 18, 2008
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this term is usually used in the equine (horse) community to tell potential buyers that a horse knows how to walk, trot and canter (W/T/C)
by poodlepup21 November 10, 2009
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short for candace=whore usely put in peoples profiles (aim, myspace, xbox live)
C=W lol
by Ch0c0m4n July 11, 2008
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stands for country and western.
country music
such as amie, save a horse, and much more
most people dont like C&W but i do!
by emy b April 22, 2007
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