Act of inhaling 30 inches of vacuum through one's mouth
We just drew a Canter on that condenser
by Thursday98 December 24, 2017
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Canter is a Scottish word for a man slut
Have you seen the new boy he looks like a canter
by Magic1234 November 09, 2019
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One of a horse's gaits. It has three beats and is considered a controlled gallop. It is the next fastet gait from a trot. The leg that leads and is extened farthest is the lead that the horse is on. It is important that the horse is using the correct lead - in an arena, the horse should be on the inside lead.
The canter is my favorite gait.

My horse has a very smooth, fast canter.
by Financial Sockett March 15, 2008
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Canters Day is a United States holiday observed on the Friday before Memorial Day. Canters Day was founded in 2009 and although it holds no religious or political significance, it is celebrated by a growing number of people each year.

The official song of Canters Day is "4Day Weekend" by Bandway. The significance being that Canters Day is often used by many in congruence with Memorial Day to create a "4-day weekend".

Contrary to those trying to ascertain the origins being the holiday, Canters Day has no relationship to horses, waltzes, the city of Canterbury or anyone with the last name Canter.
"Did you take off work for Canters Day?"

"Hell yea. 4-DAY WEEKEND!"
by El Ultimo Hombre April 28, 2010
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The act of walking (or trying to run) like a brain-dead retard. Often likened to the sight of an elderly man, whom after having just suffered a serious stroke, attempting a sprint down a steep enbankment with a pole in his rectum.
Poor fellah, he is doing the Hastings Canter. He must need some attention. Either that, or he is retarded.
by Roaaaar April 26, 2009
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