Short for Trotskyist. Usually but not always an offensive term, used by opponents of Trotskyism of both left and right persuasions (usually as a descriptive noun, "the trots").

In some settings, such as the National Union of Students, the insult is so pervasive that anyone to the left of Hitler is liable to be labelled a "trot" at one point or another, because the NUS right-wing associate any challenge to their rule with a conspiracy allegedly initiated by a long-defunct Trotskyist group called Socialist Organiser.

The term also crops up sometimes in anarchist and ecological attacks on Trotskyists. It is also occasionally used by Trotskyists themselves, apparently as a "reclaimed" term, only heard within the Trotskyist in-group, although this is contentious and some reject the term completely.

Its derogatory implications probably come from its associations with the trots in its other sense.
Vote for this right-wing motion - don't listen to all the student trots!

The trots are trying to take over this campaign group
by Andy April 19, 2004
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that rat over there. looks like a rat, acts like a rat.
my cousin has big trot energy

i hate him so much, he’s such a trot
bet you can’t smile and scrunch your nose at the same time” “yeah i can” “now you’re a trot”
by throtz October 7, 2019
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a bad case of the shits, green apple, the runs splatters, or diarhea
man i got the mad trots my homie
by westcott November 18, 2003
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One of a horse's gaits. It is faster than a walk and slower than a canter. It consists of two beats, and the legs movie diagonally - right front and left back and left front and right back.
Her horse has a very smooth trot.
by Financial Sockett March 16, 2008
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A Trotskyist. There are good ones and bad ones.
Hal Draper...what a Trot.
by HalD February 6, 2004
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A person with little social skills, usually claiming membership of a small left-wing party cult, who disrupts meetings and attempts though manipulation to get elected to positions of responsibilites.
Everytime the trots speak at the union meetings, people tune out.

When we wanted to organize our neighborhood, all these trots showed up from across town.
by wobbly February 2, 2004
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TROT: "That Retard Over There" (like "THOT" That Hoe Over There) Mainly referring to the male species when they act out, try to impress hoes at the bar. Usually on their 3rd jagbomb & acting like a faggot.
Girl: OMG ew this guy was super wasted and was saying the dumbest shit.
Girls friend: Where is he?!
Girl: TROT. He be actin' out & shit, swerve.
by TaylorWellz23 November 22, 2013
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