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Used on HorseIsle or any other site where there are different chat modes (adverts, buddies, global)
w/c stands for 'wrong chat' when someone posts a message, such as a comment, in the wrong mode like adverts
SceneChild: -ads-lol!
SceneChild: -global- oops w/c. lol
by SceneChild001 April 20, 2009

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A wierd way of saying "hahaha" - apparently
Talked to a Thai guy and he said that in Thailand saying '555' meant 'hahaha'
So.. I guess this may be useful to know :P.. maybe
Pijit (Thai guy): 555
Me: Whaaat!?
Pijit: it is laughing in Thai. 5 = ha, 55 = haha, 555 = hahaha!
Me: ...good to know
by SceneChild001 July 12, 2009

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Sometimes used by people who mean to give a kiss goodbye during an IM convosation. Put when someone isn't sure whether to put just 'cya' or a proper 'cya xxx' so they combine them. Making the kiss look like a possible accident.
Guy: "ok bye then,"
Girl: "kk, cyax" (signs off)
Guy (thinking): "wait, was that 'cya x' or just 'cya' hmmmmmm"
by SceneChild001 April 08, 2009

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"rolling on the floor laughing my skinny anorexic ass off"
Girl #1: omg! rotflmao!
Girl #2: Dont say 'rotflmao' its oooold!
Girl #1: What should I say?
Girl #2: Rotflmsaao!!!
Girl #1: wtf?!
by SceneChild001 April 14, 2009

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