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Visioned is basically your teacher watching your activities on a PC with a program called Vision. It basically allows teachers to see what students are doing on their computers without them knowing. They will eventually take control over your PC making you embarrassed and soon enough peers will know about it and ridicule you for it.

Also, Visioned is used when a teacher "demos" all the computers in the room/network so you can see a random picture or the teachers desktop. You cannot control your computer beyond this point and you're forced to look at the teachers desktop activities.
Teacher: Please, don't play games on these computers.

*Teacher walks away*

Student: I'm going to play Solitaire!

*Teacher watches him through Vision*

Student: Oh no, you took over my computer. Visioned!

Other students: Haha, you got visioned!
by infemeth March 02, 2007
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To scam or to hustle. To be deceived and taken advantage of by an unscrupulous person or organization. Local slang in Rochester, NY that refers to an infamously deceitful and crooked chain of car dealerships that is native to the area.
This iPod I got on Ebay doesn't even work! I totally got visioned!
by For Great Justice July 26, 2012
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