Visioned is basically your teacher watching your activities on a PC with a program called Vision. It basically allows teachers to see what students are doing on their computers without them knowing. They will eventually take control over your PC making you embarrassed and soon enough peers will know about it and ridicule you for it.

Also, Visioned is used when a teacher "demos" all the computers in the room/network so you can see a random picture or the teachers desktop. You cannot control your computer beyond this point and you're forced to look at the teachers desktop activities.
Teacher: Please, don't play games on these computers.

*Teacher walks away*

Student: I'm going to play Solitaire!

*Teacher watches him through Vision*

Student: Oh no, you took over my computer. Visioned!

Other students: Haha, you got visioned!
by infemeth March 3, 2007
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/vision-ear/ (noun). A human pioneer on a lifelong journey of self discovery to create the best vision and version of themselves.

Visioneers are human explorers who will do what it takes to discover themselves and create the best vision they have for their lives.

They want to become the best humans they can be, which will make the world a better place.

A Visioneer inspires others, and encourages them to join in on this mission of self-discovery so that they can be the best version of themselves.

They observe and listen to themselves and others to truly understand, not to respond.

A Visioneer's Voyage will allow them to create the ultimate vision of their life which will bring them peace, clarity, joy, love and contentment for their entire life.

A Visioneer is a new breed of human that knows the importance of investing in themselves so that they can be the best version of who they truly are.

Visioneers know that if they completely love, accept and are happy within themselves, that others will feel the same way about them.

They follow their heart. They make a positive impact on the world. They use their gifts and honour their calling.

Visioneers love and respect themselves, they exude love and joy and this makes their energy very attractive for others to be around.
"The Visioneer really has her whole life planned out!"
by PakMag November 15, 2019
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Noun. The collective insight of trends and understanding of pop culture. Refered to as the plan to achieve underground buzz and mainstream success as some sort of creative artist.
"I fuck with the vision fam, I'm tryna build"
by gowa March 30, 2017
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1. A fine shorty, one in possession of an undeniable otherworldly allure

2. The epitome of beauty in the most raw and poetic sense
Shorty is grade A, a real v.i.s.i.on son, vision dog, got me schemin all typa shit.

I swear to god I'm done with the hoodrats and chickenheads for LIFE if I can be with that.
by Willy Beamin 007 August 4, 2017
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The most friggin awesome android in existence. He can shoot lasers and go through walls and stuff. Also he and Wanda are an insanely amazing couple.
Normal person: Okay, okay. Yeesh.
by cyan_penguin May 3, 2017
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1; to be able to see through the eye 2; to recieve some kind of messege through images or text, most of the time while someone is sleeping, daydreaming, or unaware of his consciousness 3; extremely talented cs player, by the name of John Randles
1; the boy had good vision
2; the boy recieved a vision
3; vision just took down the whole team
by Johnny Randles December 3, 2003
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The derivative of basking in the reflections of the mirror of the mind.
Vision: To see within, or without.
by HarvesterOfSorrow February 26, 2006
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