1. A fine shorty, one in possession of an undeniable otherworldly allure

2. The epitome of beauty in the most raw and poetic sense
Shorty is grade A, a real v.i.s.i.on son, vision dog, got me schemin all typa shit.

I swear to god I'm done with the hoodrats and chickenheads for LIFE if I can be with that.
by Willy Beamin 007 August 4, 2017
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The most friggin awesome android in existence. He can shoot lasers and go through walls and stuff. Also he and Wanda are an insanely amazing couple.
Normal person: Okay, okay. Yeesh.
by cyan_penguin May 3, 2017
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The derivative of basking in the reflections of the mirror of the mind.
Vision: To see within, or without.
by HarvesterOfSorrow February 26, 2006
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Vision is defined as the mental picture or image of what the future could be or would look like. It can also be defined as one's concept, thought or imagination at a given period of time. -Emeasoba George
Vision is synonymous with fantasy.
by Emeasoba George August 4, 2018
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Best nightclub in the World. Located in Midtown Atlanta. Reaches 3500 people on good nights.
Shawty, did you go to T.I. album and movie release party at Vision.
by Chick aka Uncle Junior June 29, 2006
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1. Vision#7147 on Discord

2. The Discord user with the biggest cock
Damn bro, Vision is packing
by ItsNotVision September 7, 2020
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