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Visioned is basically your teacher watching your activities on a PC with a program called Vision. It basically allows teachers to see what students are doing on their computers without them knowing. They will eventually take control over your PC making you embarrassed and soon enough peers will know about it and ridicule you for it.

Also, Visioned is used when a teacher "demos" all the computers in the room/network so you can see a random picture or the teachers desktop. You cannot control your computer beyond this point and you're forced to look at the teachers desktop activities.
Teacher: Please, don't play games on these computers.

*Teacher walks away*

Student: I'm going to play Solitaire!

*Teacher watches him through Vision*

Student: Oh no, you took over my computer. Visioned!

Other students: Haha, you got visioned!
by infemeth March 02, 2007

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Getting caught at school on a prohibited website. So your username on the network gets the ban stick. Basically, you're screwed for the rest of your school career with the ban stick.

Usually, others know you got the ban stick and will ridicule you for it.
Student: Yes! Bangbros
Teacher: What is this!? Go to the principal's office!
Classmate: You're gonna get shafted and the ban stick!
by infemeth March 02, 2007

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A waste of internet. Disgrace to the internet in general.

Sometimes I wonder why this site is even still alive.

Where people argue about the stupidest crap.

For example, who's mixtape cover is better, even though people only listen to mixtapes for about a week then throw them out. So what's the point? Exactly.

And they have sections in the graphics section: Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro. Mostly consisted of mixtape covers and party flyers. It makes you bored.

Mostly consisted of Dipset lovers or any rapper from New York.

But those aren't the most important things to Boxden members.

Props! Oh yeah, those things. Basically, it's vBulletin's reputation system except it's rebranded. People upload files and expect props back, but that's not what happens in the real world. Then they cry about it if people view the thread like 64 times with no props. Well, here's my suggestion, GET A CLUE! No one likes what you have uploaded, so they left the thread without downloading your file. You happy?

In a nutshell, filled with hoodlums/wiggers who think they know everything but overall just a bunch of n00bs who need something better to do (like get laid or something).

If you want to go to college and actually make something of yourself, avoid Boxden!
Newcomer: Whaddup Boxden! I'm new!
Me: Save yourself and log off now!


Person One: Look at my newest mixtape cover.
Person Two: The text sucks
Me: All mixtape covers overall, why is this crap in the graphics section anyway?
Person 3: Umm, this pro work son!
Me: The hell? SMH.


Person 1: Yo! You hear that new dipset!?
Person 2: Which one?
Me: It's all the same crap. Cam'ron raps about donkeys, giraffes and lions and shit, what's the point of listening to it?


Person 1: I need help uninstalling a program off of Windows XP.
Person 2: Start > Add/Remove Programs
Person 1: Oh thanks.
Me: Please, die.
by infemeth August 17, 2006

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