appeal or attraction to somthing. you can't get enough of it
Jay-z said it best, “The allure of the game keeps calling my name" that’s why he stays rapping even after retirement he’s in love and drawn into the rap game.
by Adebola "Tony" Oyewo July 20, 2005
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a device used to catch a fish
I bought allure ....Now i can catch afish!
by StuPedasso September 13, 2018
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A beautiful girl.
Beauty in a nuttshell.
Allure is pretty much Beauty in a nuttshell.
by Paralyzed August 9, 2015
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Southern Vietnamese slang to describe a prostitute/whore/slut (ălur úbl), the term has been used in derogatory way, and has come to light on the online game platform, Roblox. With many players using it as both a racist/sexist insult with just one word.
Do up your dress you fucking allurable, and speak English too, is your vagina your manipulation tactic all of a sudden?
by PigRap1st February 24, 2018
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jennifer-like creature that exhibits all her
characteristic attributes especially those
related with mystery, seduction, and a
particular brand of fascination that only belongs to her
implicitly defined above
by toad July 21, 2003
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The practice of finding and sharing the most alluring qualities of a person through artistic expression.
A portrait by a photographer well versed in allurism will easily add +3 to your 1-10 rating.

allure desirable fascinating charming attractive beautiful
by David from Cumming March 7, 2016
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a good ship that voltron did dirty. they should’ve had more development and attention in seasons 1-7 and should’ve been ruling the new altea together. instead ones dead and ones a farmer bc fuck allura and lance stans lmao!
wow,, you know voltron fucked up when even klancers wish allurance was done better
by mothman2009 December 20, 2018
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