A person who tends to be a little whore but at the same time still a virgin.
by TheAppleThing January 24, 2019
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Someone who will either go out with several people within a short period of time, or even at the same time, but doesn't exactly "sleep around." Oftentimes, a virgin whore is simply in it for the chase.
Claire: So, are you still going out with that guy, Chad?
Tiffany: No, I found out that he was two-timing me.
Claire: That sucks! Did you catch him in bed with some chick or something?
Tiffany: Oh, definitely not. He may be a jerk, but he's still just a Virgin Whore.
by Bloody*Rose October 29, 2008
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A guy who gets alot of head.
Guy 1: Yo dude, I got head from three different girls at that party last night.

Guy2: Wow you are such a virgin whore!
by 6456456 April 22, 2009
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it all sort of depends on your definiton of virgin, whether oral/anal/vaginal are all forms or just traditional vaginal, etc. but in this case we're going with vaginal. a virgin whore is generally a young girl who goes out with a lot of guys and would seem like the type to go the distance (vaginal), like a slut or whore or whatnot, but instead will only blow the guys (oral) or receive anal. while never getting traditionally penetrated. so it's like they're remaining a sort of virgin as an image but still abusing the other parts of sex. for whatever reason.
whole and pure yet..not.
by etchasketch February 17, 2004
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A girl that is a virgin or a non-slut, but has a hint of whoredom coming through.
Catholic School Girl that hikes her skirt up waaaaaay more than necessary = virgin whore
Braless Nerdy Secretary = virgin whore
by bex231 July 28, 2008
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Someone who brags about being a virgin and rubs it in people's faces. Kind of like that obsessive Christian girl from Easy A (the one who was Amanda Bynes) The virginity whore thinks it's COOL to wait for sex, but they're probably still a virgin for being VERY unattractive.
Wow, Emma just made a celibacy club and put posters saying "sex can wait" with a sad pregnant lady all over the school, what a virginity whore.
by WeirdChick422 August 3, 2011
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A Girl That Will Suck Off or Take It In The Ass Just So She Is Still A Technical Virgin . Her Mouth Is Public Domain and So Is Her Skinny White Christian Ass
Kaylan Rabbit Face virgin whore Curd spreads is like peanut butter and will do anything as long as it doesnt involve her nasty vagina
by Amadeo Midnight September 12, 2009
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