used to not give the names of everything
Put your pot, the corpse and whatnot in the back of the car.
by eugenie March 1, 2004
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The moron's punctuation. Most frequently used by morons to end a sentence.
I like change, because it's all shiny and whatnot.

by abultman December 12, 2006
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A social crutch trash and people who managed to go through 12 years of English classes and still not figure out the language use.
I don't know all the details and whatnot but I'll talk about it like an ignorant fuck anyway.
by deadseye April 14, 2009
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Is to use to summarize your last words, sentence and or paragraph.
Hey dude i got some of those cookies and whatnot dude. They are awesome!

Hey man you need to get those new maps for your server and whatnot.
by Supah1337 February 12, 2008
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A word used to portray a false intelligence, used by and idiot in place of "What have you" or Etcetera
Sometimes I like to read science newspapers and whatnot, and I'm telling you, figgs is made from dog balls!
by Whut not July 31, 2003
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An amazing and awesome maneuver that defies any kind of reasonable description. Something that somebody does that is just to hard to describe, but it's pretty astonishing.
Contortionists and break-dancers, along with very skilled skateboarders, are adept at performing whatnots.
by Adel7 December 8, 2007
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We have whatnot tonight.
by Sara February 16, 2003
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